Thimphu Sightseeing - The Complete Itinerary

Thimphu Sightseeing - The Complete Itinerary


If you are planning for a holiday trip then you must be aware of Bhutan which a small country located in the foothills of Himalayas. Bhutan attracts tourists for unique sightseeing experiences and their incomparable culture. Every year so many travelers across the globe visit this country that set an example for the rest of the world. Being the first carbon-negative and fully organic country, Bhutan is counted as the most inspiring nation. Exploring Bhutan can be done by reaching Thimphu, the capital city. Thimphu sightseeing shares a lot for travelers who are fascinated about knowing more about food, culture, and tradition of Bhutan.

This capital city is also home to Bhutans royal family along with 100,000 residents. Concrete buildings, architectural designs, market place, and people give you the reason to stay in this city for a while. This city is the economic hub and offer comfort with modern amenities. Visit Thimphu to feel the best things about Bhutan and its people. Here, we come out with a complete itinerary that will help you to roam around the city by discovering some of the unknown facts about the country and its culture.

When to Visit Thimphu?

The best part about visiting Thimphu sightseeing is that it looks awesome in every season. Each of the seasons offers something special for travelers and fulfills their desire in a true sense. Four major seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter offer a different look to visitors so it depends on you which season will attract you more. If spring comes with blooming flowers then summer offers the monsoon whereas autumn paints the whole country into golden and considered the best time to visit Thimphu. Winter offers snow and preferably good for couples to enjoy a honeymoon trip. Passport and visas are not needed for countries like India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives though others need to pay USD 250 per person per night including food, accommodation, and an English speaking tour guide.

The Complete Itinerary for Exploring Thimphu in One Day

Start with Buddha Dordenma

Visit one of the worlds largest sitting Buddha statues. The height of Buddha Dordenma is 51.5 meters and magnificently situated on a hilltop highlighting peace and harmony to the nation. It is one of the best Thimphu sightseeing. You will find the breathtaking views of the city from there and will get amazed by its beauty. Tourists like to click pictures of this dordenma and witness the view of the whole city from the top.  

Know More About the History with a 17th-century Fort; Tashichho Dzong

This Dzong is a must-visit among the other Dzongs in Bhutan as it currently houses the office of the King of Bhutan, government administrative offices and a religious center for the district monk body. To witness the specialty about Bhutanese architecture you need to visit this place which is made in traditional style and showcases the skill of Bhutanese artisans. Another fact about this Dzong is that not a single iron nail has been used during the construction of this Dzong. October is the best time to visit this place to be a part of Thimphu Tschechu. Tschechu is the most important festival of Bhutan when doing masked dance and enjoy local cuisines along with a grand celebration.

Enjoy Shopping in Craft Bazaar

Thimphu is known, for shopping and craft bazaar is undoubtedly the best choice for travelers to find 81 shops built from bamboo. People bring handmade items that will satisfy people who are fascinated by handicrafts. This market will remain open from 9 AM to 5 PM and offer authentic Bhutanese crafts. Most of the shopkeepers are youngsters and welcome guests with a smile so that you can feel comfortable and delighted to buy some of the arts available over there.

Try Ema Datshi with Red Rice During Lunch

You must be hungry after visiting all the above-mentioned places and that desperately forces you to enjoy the lunch with local cuisines of Bhutan because once a traveler said that tasting that food will be the best part of exploring any country. Bhutanese are fond of cheese and chilies where you can find delicious Ema Datshi and red rice. This spicy dish will give you the chance to taste authentic Bhutanese cuisine. You can try some other popular cuisines like Jasha Maroo, Phaksha Paa, Suja, Ara, and Zow Shungo.

Meet the National Animal

The national animal of Bhutan is Takin. Visit Motithang near Thimphu where you will find Motithang Takin Preserve which was earlier a mini zoo but later the animals were sent free to the forest. Caging animals in a zoo is against the teachings of Buddhism and also not in line with the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. To witness this innocent creature you must the preserve during the lunchtime as the animal climb down for their feeding time.  

After exploring Thimphu sightseeing for the whole day, you might get tired. Just remember that Thimphu offers you the city life along with the rich cultural heritage. You can visit night clubs and pubs to hang out with your friends late at night. Excitement and fun will be there when you visit Thimphu once in your lifetime.

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