Thimphu- Visit the most favorite hot destination of Bhutan

Thimphu- Visit the most favorite hot destination of Bhutan

The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan makes for a perfect vacation in the hills. Thimphu is one such place to make your trip to Bhutan a memorable one.

A short travel to the land of true happiness

Bhutan is a place not only mystical and magical but also filled with history and Buddhist culture. Its capital city Thimphu has become one of the dream destinations for every traveler which will let you witness the traditional Bhutanese way of life. Thimphu has a valley which is located on the western side of the country. The city is prominent as the administrative seat of Bhutanís king. It also has a long list of various Buddhist sites, monasteries, museums and famous places to visit in Thimphu.

Why Thimphu is a favorite destination?

The lush green valleys encircled by the misty mountains and the mighty rivers running alongside the city. It is the only destination with the smallest bit of modernity mixing into an otherwise traditional society; the tiny kingdom of Thimphu is truly the land that time has been forgotten. Be it the hotels, restaurants or Thimphu sightseeing places this capital city is the hottest favorite destination to be kept in your itinerary list whenever you visit Bhutan.

Best hotels in Thimphu:

You can discover the charm of this capital cityís evergreen paradise; make sure to pick one of the best hotels in Thimphu for a clean, comfortable and cozy vacation for all types of travelers:
  • Taj Tashi

This hotel is an enchanting fusion of Bhutanís Dzong architecture and modern design which will leave you awe-struck with its modern facilities and amenities.

Services offered:

  • 57 rooms
  • 9 suites
  • Jiva Spa
  • Wi-Fi facility
  • Fine-dining specialty restaurants
  • 24-hour room service
Address: Samten Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan Contact: +9752336699
  • Le Meridien, Thimphu

This hotel offers engaging opportunities for you to explore the beautiful monasteries, temples and to view the Thimphu local sightseeing places in the capital city.

Services offered:

  • Full-service Spa
  • Fitness center
  • Swimming pool
  • Fine-dining restaurant
  • 24-hour room service
Address: Chorten Lam, Thimphu 11001, Bhutan Contact: +9752337788
  • City Hotel, Thimphu

This hotel is one of the best hotels in Thimphu to have a shopping arcade. It is designed with a perfect blend of Bhutanese traditional architecture with modern amenities to provide the best comfort.

Services offered:

  • Front-desk service
  • Wi-Fi
  • Laundry
  • Multi-cuisine restaurant
  • Spacious rooms
Address: Thimphu, Bhutan Contact: +9752338813/14

Best locations to visit in Thimphu:

While there are a lot of places to see in the capital city, hereís a list of places which you must have a look on your trip to Thimphu.
  • Tashi Chho Dzong:

This is also known as Thimphu Dzong and is surely one of the best interesting places to visit in Thimphu. This grand fort also serves as the main venue for the biggest annual Tshechu festival. Till date, after the destruction, it is known for its combination of colors and tiered roofs which offer a deep insight into the Bhutanese past.
  • Weekend Market:

This market is held on the weekend on the river banks of Wang Chhu. Different shopkeepers from Thimphu and neighboring area start coming to this city on Thursday and leaving on Sunday evening to set up their stalls. This is the best places to visit in Thimphu to get the complete idea of culture, food and the various local lifestyles of Bhutanese people.
  • National Memorial Chorten:

National Memorial Chorten is the most happening point of interest and this Chorten features as a daily place of worship in many nativeís lives. It is built in the Tibetan style as a memory to the third Bhutanese king and this place is known for its whitewashed walls and golden tiered roofs. Hence, it is one of the most popular places to visit in Thimphu.
  • National Institute for Zorig Chusum:

It is a painting school which offers various courses from four to six years to teach students the 13 types of traditional arts from Bhutan. The demonstrations made by the students are mesmerizing and you will no doubt be impressed by their diligence, artistry, and discipline. You can also buy handcraft pieces from them to decorate them in your house.

Get started for exploring the capital city of Bhutan

Thimphu is the ultimate hotspot destination to visit while in Bhutan. If it is your first time then it is best to book your tour from a travel agency in Jaigaon for a comfortable experience which waits for you in this Himalayan dreamy land of Bhutan.
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