Six Things You Need To Know About Hotels in Thimphu

Six Things You Need To Know About Hotels in Thimphu


There is a strong relationship between traveling and accommodation because the time you find the comfort and satisfaction with the hotel you are staying, you will find it easy to manage the trip. The hotel plays a crucial role in making the trip desirable and memorable instead of highlighting any threads or discomfort.

If you are planning to enjoy your vacation in Bhutan to explore some of the exotic places then choosing hotels in Thimphu is the best choices for you. The capital of Bhutan is a destination that is famous for shopping and witnessing those Dzongs and monasteries. Before booking a hotel in Thimphu, you must go through this article that makes you understand about hotels in Thimphu.

Things You Need to Know About Hotels in Thimphu

Hotels in Thimphu

Cultural Touch

Bhutan is known as the Kingdom of Thunder Dragon and shares the unique culture of Tibetan Buddhism. You will find monasteries and Dzong all around the country as well as in Thimphu. Hotels in Thimphu are made in traditional style by depicting the rich heritage which gives you the reasons to feel the specialty. Peace and happiness is the main philosophy of this country and can be visible in the hospitality provided by the hoteliers.

Cuisine Culture

Most of the hotels in Thimphu comes with multi-cuisine restaurants where you can choose your favorite food whether you want Indian, Chinese or continental. But the real taste of Bhutan can be enjoyed by choosing the local cuisine. Bhutanese and their love for cheese and chilies are known to everyone. You can try eating Ema Datshi, Red Rice, Jasha Maroo or Maru, Phaksha Paa, Khur-le - Buckwheat Pancake and many other traditional recipes. Professional cooks prepare the dishes maintaining both the hygiene and taste.

Amazing Vistas

People visit Bhutan to witness an amazing scenic view that covers the snow-capped mountains, greenery, and abundance of fresh air. Being the first carbon negative country in the world, Bhutan fulfills the desire of every soul. Nature comes with the healing power and hotels in Thimphu provide comfortable rooms that are facilitated with views so that you can stay with nature all around.

Friendly Hoteliers  

The best part of staying in a hotel is the staffs and their coordination towards with guest. Hotels in Thimphu maintain their management by appointing gentle and efficient staffs. You can ask them for any help and they are ready to serve you. The staffs will make you feel comfortable by providing necessary information along with the willingness to giving the best services. Trained and experienced staffs are will make your stay more deserving with a smile on their face.

Avail Modern Luxury

Traditional architecture and Buddhist paintings on the walls gives you antic look and divine ambiance but at the same time, you will find modern amenities too. Hotels in Thimphu gives you the chance to avail some of the best services like spa, free Wi-Fi, 24/7 in-room dining, 24/7 laundry, excellent room service, parking facility, fitness centre, doctor on call, etc. Staying in a hotel means you are staying within the amenities. Keeping the guest satisfied and happy is the main objective of the management.

Spiritual Awakening

The purest land of Bhutan will take you close to the spiritual vibes through the enchanting mountains, flowing river, teachings of monasteries, blessing from monks and the peaceful ambiance. Hotels in Thimphu accumulate all these specialties and serve you the best form of services so that you can feel the beauty of nature by going into the spirituality. One can experience Hot spring bath and various other traditional remedies along with the Yoga and meditation sessions conducted by the hotels in Thimphu.

Bhutan is an ideal location for an adventurous trip, honeymoon tour, solo or family Bhutan trip as the country offers you so many things. From trekking, to taking blessings you can feel the difference in every moment. Hotels in Thimphu help you in making the plan successful by adding more pleasure into it.

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