Why Should You Visit Bhutan?

Why Should You Visit Bhutan?


The Himalayan province of Bhutan is probably the ideal place for vacation. The spiritual and spectral country of Bhutan is filled with history and perceptible Buddhist philosophy.

Bhutan’s capital is Thimphu hence, travelers' dreamland as chains of the mountain here tells the tale of a peace-loving Bhutanese lifestyle mixed with nature.

Thimphu is a valley situated in the western part of this country. Not only the presence of religious Buddhist values but Thimphu sightseeing with a lot of magical places also be travelers one of the selected tourist spots.

Here is the list of important places in Thimphu that you must visit on your next vacation:

Buddha Dordenma

The largest Buddha Stupa Buddha Dordenma is ornamented in the Thimphu capital. This gold-plated Buddha Dordenmais is the main attraction in Thimphu. This steel-built statue welcomes you even ona gloomy night with its glory against the sky.

Having a meditation hall at the base you can pray in peace. You can book a cab from any spot in Bhutan and reach easily. It is situated between Memorial Chorten and Simtokha Dzong.

Tashichho Dzong

Tashichho Dzong is a castle situated 2km aside from the capital city. Presently this prestigious creation is used as a monastery and government secretariat office. After burning the old Dzong this new “fortress of the glorious religion” is buildin 1641.

In front of the fortress, a beautiful rose garden and a magnificent golden roof greet you. Along with all of this splendid beauty the throne room and other officers’ room décor also mesmerize you. Located beside the bank of river Wang Chhu you can reach the spot by cab from anywhere in Bhutan. March, April, and May is the best time for you to visit here.

Memorial Chorten

Memorial Chorten on the other name Memorial Stupa is famous in Thimphu for its colossal height. Tourists domestic and international are attracted to its majestic architecture. Buddhist art, literature, and philosophy were inscribed on the wall beautifully.

You can feel tranquility and harmony by viewing this wonderful creation. Thimphu Chorten is situated beside Bhutan Post Office Head Quarter and National Folk Heritage Museum.

Cheri Gompa

Cheri Gompa is the former monastery in Bhutan, established in the year 1620. After hiking at the colossal height of Cheri Gompa you can enjoy the quaint image of a profuse green landscape. Firstly the track takes you to the Tango Monastery via the over bridge of river Wang Chhu then you have allowed going Cheri Gompa.

You must have a look at silver Chorten that grasp the ashes of Zhabrung’s father is the central attraction of this gompa. You must mark Cheri Gompa for your Thimphu sightseeinglist.

The cost of your trip depends on your route and tour operator. The best time to travel to Bhutan’s capital is March to May but some tourists’ select October and November month.

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