Why Should You Take A Toy Train Ride In Darjeeling

Why Should You Take A Toy Train Ride In Darjeeling


 Darjeeling the leading tourist destination in West Bengal is known for the Toy trains, as a part of European heritage. The train ride amidst the evergreen tea gardens and covered marvelous hills shares a breezy hill station experience. Recently awarded with the renowned UNESCO Heritage status, the toy trains give an enthralling ride. Before you make a trip to Darjeeling make sure to choose your Darjeeling honeymoon package from Siliguri. Here's why you should take a toy train ride and have a memorable Darjeeling honeymoonfun experience.

Rare Narrow Gauge Charmers

Among the remaining few narrow gauge charges across the world, the Himalayan railway in Darjeeling is one of them. Through loops, it climbs more than 2000 meters between Siliguri and across the enchanting Darjeeling hilltops. Also, the 84 km rail was used to carry the tea cargo from the mountains to the plains. The heritage of these trains is more than a century old carrying passengers of prestigious positions like kings, and heads of the states.

Splendid view of Nature

The toy train starts from the Siliguri region, crosses mystic forests from Sukna, and spirals entire 360-degree loops to climb the hill slopes. So, you can enjoy the marvelous view of the greeneries, tea gardens, and sloppy hills. At the moment the train touches Kurseong which is above 4800 ft. high, you will get to witness the breathtaking sight of the snow-capped mountains.

Journey through the Small Towns

Unlike rental cars or by-road traveling, when you ride toy trains you get to experience a bit more. That is, you have the opportunity to have a glimpse of some of the beautiful small hill towns. Passengers eventually unleash many such old hill towns by taking a fun zig-zag route.


Toy trains like other public transport are way more economical in comparison to private rental cars. If you have a fixed budget but don't want to compromise with the various aspects of the fun tour,  the toy train ride is the absolute opportunity. While car rides will charge you over double the expense, choosing toy train rides is economical and mystical.

A Part of the Heritage

More than anything else, riding toy trains in itself is experiencing the long colonial heritage. Among the remaining few steam engine trains, these toy trains are the ultimate icon of British heritage. Here's a tip: Don't miss a historical tour of the Ghum museum which tells different stories of the trains over the years. Feel serene, nostalgic, and aesthetic all at once by being part of mother nature while riding toy trains.

Therefore, your Darjeeling honeymoonpackage from Siliguri can't skip the enthralling toy train rides. Experience the magnificent natural view while passing through the small hill towns all at once.

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