What makes Bumthang an offbeat destination in heavenly Bhutan?

What makes Bumthang an offbeat destination in heavenly Bhutan?

The serene ambiance with the pictorial view of the adjacent valley has made Bumthang an offbeat destination in Bhutan. Do you know how? Then do read this blog for the perfect answer.

Bumthang- the beautiful field

The aura of Bumthang reflects in its popular name The Switzerland of the East. Its wide open valleys, snow-capped mountains, green countryside, fast-flowing mountain streams and easy places life all give it a Swiss-like look and feel. But it has more to offer through its beautiful temples and monasteries which give a spiritual feeling. Most of the tourists visit Bhutan to travel only to Thimphu and Paro and if time permits then to Bumthang. But you should definitely put Bumthang on the top of your Bhutan holidays for some beautiful experience in Bhutan.

Best time to visit Bumthang:

The best time to visit Bumthang is during the end of May till the end of September, as it gets too cold during winter. The region not too much affected by the monsoon rains.

How to reach Bumthang?

By air: The nearest airport is Bathpalathang Airport in Jakar. You will travel via Paro with the time of 8 hours 15 minutes duration and one stop in between with the connecting flights. By road: If you want to travel by road and enjoy the beautiful sceneries then drive off to Bumthang from Jakar with the best Bhutan tour plan. By rail: There is only one access to travel to Bumthang. You would take a train from Kolkata or Hasimara, then transfer to the border town of Jaigaon by taxi, and then crossover to the border town of Phuentsholing and proceed to get the permits and reach Bumthang.

Why Bumthang as an offbeat destination?

Bumthang is the sacred site and the cultural heartland in the central region of Bhutan. Other than just visiting you can do few things in Bhutan or visit some of the most famous places to make it as one of the offbeat destinations in Bhutan. The following are:

Go on a spiritual walk to Kuje Lhakhang:

It is built in the 8th century and is associated with Guru Rinpoche as one of the special temples in Bhutan. This beautiful temple is located by a mountain river and can be seen from the Tamshing Monastery and the three temples in this destination are dedicated to the three kings of Bhutan.

Witness the festivals in the oldest temple of Jamey Lhakhang:

Jamey Lhakhang dates back to the 7th century being one of the oldest temples in Bhutan. It is the temple where all the festivals of Central Bhutan are held. It is believed that the king built this temple on the knees of the demoness who was threatening and destroying Buddhism.

Spend some leisure time in the beautiful lake of Mebar Tso:

It is also known as the Burning Lake and is a holy site and pilgrimage place for the people of Bhutan. This place is more of a gorge and the nature here is very beautiful with green countryside and a fast flowing mountain river for you to have a lovely view of the lake.

Try weaving at the Chumey Valley:

This place is famous for yatra wool in Bhutan. In recent times, a lot of residents of Chumey Valley have become rich due to the huge cultivation of potatoes, but the place got its name mainly from the yatra wool used for making sweaters, blankets and much more.

Relax amidst the fruit orchards:

The entire region of Bumthang is famous for its fruit orchards like apples, pears, apricots, walnuts, etc. If relaxation is your forte, then basking in the sun, reading a book with a cup of tea amidst the fruit orchards is an excellent idea.

Walk through the hilltop to Jakar Dzong:

The Jakar Dzong or the fortress of the white bird was founded in 1549. It sits on top of a hill and offers a wide and great view of the Bumthang valley. The headquarters of the Bumthang valley is located here without any resident monks. The Dzong can be seen from anywhere in the Choekar town.

Admire the beautiful view to Lamey Gompa:

Previously a royal monastery, but now a forestry office, this Gompa was built in the 19th century and can be visited from the Choekar town. The long walk to this Gompa offers beautiful views of Jakar Dzong and Bumthang valley.

Explore the foundation of the Kunzangdra Monastery:

On the other side of the Bumthang valley and towards the Tang area lies the famous Kunzangdra Monastery at a height of 11,000 feet. This monastery was founded by Pemalingpa in 1488. If you are daring and like adventure then hike from Kuzadangra Monastery to Pemaling Gompa and down to the Swiss Farm to complete the trail.

A scenic and a cultural hike to Ura Valley:

The Ura Valley is known for its spectacular scenery. There are also many mountain sceneries to be seen before you reach the valley. At the bottom, there is a large village with clusters of big houses linked by little alleys paved with stone slabs which are rarely seen in Bhutan.

Travel to make memories all around the world!!

Far from the maddening crowd of the modernized society, Bumthang has its own pace of life, making it the best destination to visit for the travelers who crave for a simply unhurried life. Experience the rural Bhutanese life and learn more about the tradition during a Bhutan family tour in Bumthang for a lovely family holiday.
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