Visit Bhutan With Your Family

Visit Bhutan With Your Family


Bhutan is a heart-touching tourist spot for many people as it involves affluence scenic beauty, traditional Buddhist culture, hovering peace flag, masked colourful dance festival, primeval monasteries, historic Hindu temples, and spectacular landscape.

In addition, you can get a familiar warmness in Bhutanese behavior that is perfectly matched with the serenity of nature. If you are yet not decided on your next destination, the Bhutan family tour is the best selection now.

The prime reasons why Bhutan is your next tour destination are here:

Charming Vistas

Bhutan is a combination of serenity, purity, and culture. The country is under the other name of ‘Gross National Happiness’ as it has caring, compassionate, and loving citizens.

The charming nature of the Himalayan state is somehow blessed with the warmth and hospitality of the Bhutanese people. This is one of the important reasons to visit one of the happiest countries in the world.

Verdant Greenery

Bhutan is responsibly maintaining its greenery continuously. Wrapped with green forest, snow-covered mountain hills, Bhutan attracts many travellers all over the world. Make sure you don’t miss the unavoidable cry out of Bhutan’s sustainable sky, carbon-free environment, and frangible mountain air!

Pollution Free

Bhutanese are always focusing on maintaining their motherland pollution free and green. More surprisingly there are no traffic lights on the roads. The country is proudly announcing that Bhutan is the world’s carbon-free country in recent times. If you want to get rid of a polluted environment for a few days, the green country must satisfy you.

Divine Culture

Nature is not artistic here but also the artistic sense prevails among the inhabitants of Bhutan. Their expertise and sense of craft are spread out in the field of paper making, textile, drawing, wood slashing, bamboo art, jewelry making, etc. They are not developed in sports either.

Archery is considered a national sport in this country.  However, they are carrying their heritage by observing the games like khuru, pundo, soksom, etc. A strong sense of integrity Bhutanese is maintained always by carrying their traditional wear even if in any official, judicial or party time.

A few miles northeast of India, the environment is completely heaven with pure air, zero pollution, zero traffic, the clear Himalayan Mountain chain, and crystal ice melting fountains.

If you are awaiting a flower fresh vacation, then Bhutan family tour is mandatory for you. In the present stressful life, people forget to smile. The true beauty of nature mixed with culture and tradition provide you with bountiful happiness ahead.

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