Useful Information for Foreigners Travelling to India

Useful Information for Foreigners Travelling to India



Translation: Welcome to our country India

India is a welcoming country. It welcomes everyone to its land. Whoever comes to India never goes empty handed. India puts a beautiful smile on everyones face.

However, every country has its own systems and regulations. Therefore, if you have planned to come to India, follow these tips for a better tour.

  1. Follow the flow:

When you are in India, you must learn how to go with the flow. If you do not go with the flow, you will be badly trapped. India is a 3rd world country and you will find beggars and poor people around.

Do not get too emotional with them. Sometimes its a trap and you might come across some rouges. Always be careful.

  • Indians make you feel important:




Indians love their guests so much that they always take extra care about you. They will always be ready to cater to your needs. You will be overwhelmed with their courtesy and love.

Its not fake but real. Indians are ever welcoming and loving people.

  • Roads are never empty:

One thing that is very common about Indian street is traffic. Roads are full of vehicles, people and sometimes animal.

Dont get panicked its the usual phenomenon about Indian streets. 

Be calm and know how to survive in a traffic jam.

  • Better travel on local trains:

Roads are generally filled with lots of traffic and there are chances that you will get late if you are in a hurry to reach somewhere.

So, it is always good to travel on a local train.

  • Wear Indian Clothes:

India is a traditional country and it loves to maintain its tradition. If foreigners wear short western clothes, they dont take it in a good manner.

However, Indians love wearing Indian clothes in India. They will respect you more if you wear traditional Indian clothes here.

Foreigners travel made easy:

Foreigners come to India without any fear or worry. Indians will take care of all the foreign travelers traveling to India.

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