Travel Destination Details from Mumbai To Bhutan

Travel Destination Details from Mumbai To Bhutan

Known to be one of the happiest countries in the world, Bhutan is definitely a paradise for tourists. The beautiful mystic monasteries and the beautiful landscape will definitely charm and amaze you.

Arrival to Paro international airport:

When you exit the airport after collecting your luggage the driver assigned to pick you up from the airport will contact you and drive you to your hotel. Average distance from Mumbai to Bhutan- 2026kms Flying Duration- 2hrs 36m Airlines- Druk Airlines and Bhutan Airlines

Day 1- Trip to Taktsang Monastery (Tigerís nest):

Taktsang Monastery is located on a dangerous cliff about 900meters above Paro valley. Famous for its breathtaking sceneries and unusual architecture it is one of the best tourist attractions in Bhutan. You need to start your journey early in the morning because it is a 2-4hr hike from the town of Ramthanga so after breakfast around 8 your Driver will take you to Ramthanga town and from there you will have to hike or take a horse ride to reach the monastery. It is probably the best place to see if you are planning a family holiday to Bhutan. Things to see: enjoy breathtaking views and sceneries of the Paro valley from the top. Length of hike:2.7 miles Startin elevation:8527ft Maximum elevation:10230ft Best time to visit: March to May Location: Taktsang trail, Bhutan

Day 2-Visit to Punakha Dzong:

After breakfast at around 8 a.m, your driver will drive you to Punakha Dzong. The Dzong is famous for its beautiful architecture and breathtaking views. It is the administrative center of the district of Punakha. You can refer to the traveling agencies in Mumbai as there are many attractive Bhutan holiday packages from Mumbai provided by the agencies there. Things to see: the amazing architecture and the beautiful landscape. Opening hours: 8 am to 5 pm. Location: Punakha district, Bhutan Best time to visit: March to May

Day 3- Visit Buddha Dordenma Statue:

The statue is about 170 feet tall made from bronze and painted with gold.It is one of the tallest statues of Buddha in Thimphu hence it can be seen from almost every part of Thimphu. Best place for prayers. Things to see: the Kunsel Phodrang national park and the amazing statue of Lord Buddha Opening hours: 9 am to 5 pm Best time to visit: The height of statue:51.5m Location:Kunselphodrang, Thimphu, Bhutan

Day 4: Shopping in Norzin Lam Street, Thimphu, Bhutan:

For all the shopaholics this is the best place to be. The place is filled with beautiful souvenirs, woolen clothes, and local wine. Some items are costly but worth every penny. Coolest things to do here: check out the textile buildings and textile shops. Location: Norzin lam street, Thimphu Bhutan

Day 5: Departure from Bhutan:

After breakfast about your driver will drop you off at Paro international airport from where you will board your scheduled flight and head home. Due to its beautiful landscape and mystic monasteries, Bhutan is easily one of the most famous tourist places in the world. You will definitely fall in love with this place. The information that I have provided above will definitely be helpful for you. May you have a safe flight and a pleasant stay in Bhutan?  
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