A Dreamy Paradise is a Figment of Imagination

A Dreamy Paradise is a Figment of Imagination


A destination in south Asia that is not less than a fairy tale as the offerings and culture of the nation inspire many nations. Happy citizens and responsible King make the country one of the most desirable destinations in recent time. Yes, you guess it right, we are talking about Bhutan - the kingdom of the thunder dragon. This dream destination will help you to reach imaginations by exploring the places and meeting humble people who are dedicated to the development of the nation.

The administration stays focus on Gross National Happiness rather than GDP because they believe a happy citizen will come out better responsibility. The capital city of Bhutan has no traffic lights but there is no traffic congestion on the roads because everyone is disciplined and drive systematically. By contacting a travel agency in Bhutan you can find the quality accommodation and convenient transportation medium to stay connected with the places and culture of the nation that sets many examples.

The uniqueness of Bhutan that makes it a Dreamy Paradise

Fully Carbon Negative

In this generation where the world is challenges with global warming, Bhutan planted more and more trees. Greenery all around the nation not only makes it beautiful and pleasant to stay but also welcome more opportunities by absorbing most of the carbon dioxide. The culture of Bhutan supports the protection of nature so that people will achieve good health and better life ahead.

No Plastic and Pollution

From the very beginning, the royal government of Bhutan put their contribution towards keeping the nation free from pollution. Plastic was a ban in the country in the year 1999 but somehow they fail to manage it as outsiders and tourists break the rule imposed on people. Later in the year 2019, the government put a full ban on using plastic bags to manage wastes in the country. In recent time, homemade carry bags are popular in the country to make things biodegradable and keeping the nation less polluted.

No Smoking in Public Place

Bhutan is the first country in the world that impose a full ban on tobacco. Selling of tobacco product is a punishable offense in the country though you can carry 200 cigarettes during the immigration by paying 100% sales tax and customs duty. Even after entering Bhutan with cigarettes, you are not allowed to smoke in the public places and the rule is strictly followed in the country.

Traveling to a nation where values, ethics, and culture bring peace and tranquillity will indeed be considered as a figment of the imagination. Travel agency in Bhutan provides attractive tour package to make your tour memorable and rewarding.       

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