Top 4 tips to know for a female solo traveler before traveling to Bhutan

Top 4 tips to know for a female solo traveler before traveling to Bhutan

If you think solo traveling is not convenient then Bhutan being called as the safest country will give you the opportunity of experiencing solo travel.

Solo female travel in Bhutan:

A travel is mostly done with a group, friends, and family. But there are few people who love traveling alone by chance either they do not have anyone to travel with or they love exploring places all by themselves. Owing to the rising trends, traveling safely is equally important to traveling solo for all the female travelers across the world. Hence, keeping safety in mind, there are few tips by which a female traveler can travel safely in Bhutan and explore the places solely.

Is Bhutan safe for female solo travelers?

Bhutan is unquestionably one of the most idyllic places to travel alone for a woman looking to discover herself and to experience a different culture surrounding this last Buddhist Kingdom. Moreover, Bhutan was ranked as 13th among the 163 countries in the Global Peace Index which rightly says that it is the most famous peaceful country to travel. This can also add up to the important fact that it is also the safest place to travel for solo female travelers.

Bhutan travel cost for female solo travelers:

If you are on a solo trip to Bhutan from India then you do not need to have to travel to Bhutan in a minimum daily package. This means that you do not have to pay in advance unlike people from other countries. You can enter Bhutan on your own, book your hotel and arrange your process permits and leave for travel. This means you can basically go solo backpacking in Bhutan and you do not have to route through the certified Bhutanese travel agents. The Bhutan solo trip cost includes everything from accommodation to traveling so in total you have to pay US$ 290 during the peak season and US$ 240 during the lean season which might make it not so easy for you being an Indian.

Tips for a female solo traveler in Bhutan:

While you are traveling to Bhutan there are few tips to remember to have an enjoyable solo female travel to Bhutan:

1- Make a budget for your trip:

Bhutan is said to be small but it has many places to see for. So, it is recommended to plan your trip wisely by looking at the entry fees, hotel booking, travel cost and taxi fares for a convenient and smooth trip to Bhutan.

2- Choose a female guide:

While on your travel to Bhutan it is not easy to travel all alone without a guide. But if you are not comfortable with a male guide then you can choose a female guide with whom you can be free enough to ask and talk about this beautiful country of Bhutan.

3- Keep your valuables on your own safety:

Even though it is not advisable to take your valuables everywhere, still, if you bring then it is your own responsibility to keep it on your own safety. However, Bhutan is safe but it is better to keep an eye on every movement of every people when in a new world.

4- Pack according to the weather:

Bhutan can be visited at any time of the year so casuals are mostly preferred. But if it is during the winter then jackets and woolen clothes are a must to bear the cold weather. If you want to try adventure activities the good hiking boots or walking shoes and leather jackets are required.

A solo travel like never before

Traveling solo for a female is normally not preferable much but if you try one then it is an experience worth it. It will let you explore the places with full excitement and can indulge yourself in every activity in Bhutan. A visit to this magical land will be like a dream come true for a solo female travel in Bhutan as it will offer from great mountains, forests to the wilderness and natural beauty of Bhutan.
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