Top 10 major  festivals to look forward to during this summer in Bhutan

Top 10 major festivals to look forward to during this summer in Bhutan


Bhutan is a country known for its beautiful landscape and mystic monasteries.Bhutan is located high in the Himalayas and it is the world�s only remaining Kingdom where Buddhism has followed.The philosophy of Gross National Happiness has been developed here where development is measured more on the well being of the people and not only on the G.D.P. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people. The source of income includes Tourism, Hydroelectric power, and agriculture. Bhutan is a country which allows modern developments while carefully embracing their ancient culture. Here are some festivals in Bhutan which might be interesting for a culture enthusiast.

1. Matsutake Mushroom Festival

The festival is held at the start of the mushroom season. The tourists attend the festival to identify the variety of mushrooms here. It is probably the best place to be if you planned a vacation to Bhutan. Special things to do and see= identify the variety of mushrooms, go for a mushroom excursion. Festival start date: 23rd August 2018 End date: 24th August 2018 Snapshot: take pictures of the variety of mushrooms. Nearby hotel: Hotel Ugyen Ling. Location:Ura, Bumthang.

2. Nimalung Tshechu

The festival depicts the history of the country of Bhutan. The people pass the spiritual beliefs, values, and mythology through their singing and dancing. Special things to see: witness the history of Bhutanese culture through dance and songs. Festival start date: 21st June 2018 End date: 23rd June 2018 Snapshot: the traditional dance of the people is worth capturing in a camera. Nearby hotel: Hotel Riverview. Location: Nimalung Dratshang, Chummi Bhutan.

3. Ura Yakko

If you are on a vacation in Bhutan, you should not miss this festival as it displays the famous dance known as Ura Yakcho as well as the masked dances. Special things to see: the Ura Yakcho dance Festival start date: 26th April 2018 End date: 29th April 2018 Snapshot: capture the beautiful Ura Yakcho dance. Nearby hotel: Swiss Guesthouse, Bumthang. Location: Ura Lakhang, Bumthang

4. Domkhar Tshechu

It is a three-day festival which coincides with the anniversary of the death of Zabdrung Nawang Namgyel. Special things to see: the black hat dance, the three Ging Festival start date: 25th March 2018 End date: 28th March 2018 Nearby hotel: Yu-Gharling resort and spa Location: Domkhar Chummi,Bumthang

5. Rhododendron festival:

If you are a flower lover and on a Bhutan vacation you should definitely not miss the Rhodendron festival. You can witness wild Rhododendrons that will be in full bloom. Special things to see: wild Rhododendrons Festival start date: 20th April 2018 End date: 22nd April 2018 Snapshot: you should definitely capture the pics of the beautiful Rhododendrons. Nearby Hotel: City Hotel, Thimpu Location: Lamperi Botanical Garden, Dochula, Thimphu

6. Paro Tshechu

It is one of the most important festivals in Bhutan as the monks dress up in vibrant costumes and dance and sing. The monks wearing masks represent the deities and they enact legendary tales. If you need any assistance regarding information on various Bhutan vacation packages try to contact the agency Kamakhya Bhutan. Special things to see: unfurling of the 350 years old Thangka. Festival start date: 27th March 2018 End date: 31st March 2018 Snapshot: the mask dance and the unfurling of the Thangka makes an ideal picture for photographers Nearby hotel: La Meridien Paro, Riverfront. Location: Rinpung Dzong, Paro

7. Gasa Tshechu

It is one of the biggest festivals held in the small district of Gasa. The folk dances are performed in a unique way which adds to the jolly mood of the celebration. Special things to see: the unique and extraordinary folk dance Festival start date: 4th March 2018 End date: 6th March 2018 Nearby hotel: Zingkham hotel and resort. Location: Gasa Dzong, Gasa.

8. Talo Tschechu

The festival is famous for its Atsara dance and mask dances. The Zungdra dance performed by the Talo dancers reflects the religious and traditional ways of the Talo people. Special things to see: the Zungdra Dance Festival start date: 24th March 2018 End date: 26th March 2018. Snapshot: the beautiful Zungdra dance deserves to be captured in photography Nearby hotel: Dhensa Boutique Resort Location: Talo Gompa, Punakha.

9. Haa Summer Festival

If you are spending your summer vacation in Bhutan this summer then you should definitely not miss going to this festival. The culture, heritage and the sports of Bhutan are celebrated in this festival. The best thing about this festival is that even the tourists can take part in it. Isn�t that awesome? Festival start date: 14th July 2018 End date: 15th July 2018 Nearby hotel: Risum Resort Location: town festival ground, Haa.

10. Gomphu Kora Festival

In this festival devotees from all over eastern Bhutan make their way to the narrow valley dressed in their finest clothes in order to worship and acknowledge their connections of the past life. Special things to see: the circumambulation Festival start date: 25th March 2018 End date: 26th March 2018 Nearby hotel: Druk Deothjung. Location: Gom Kora Lakhang, Trashigang. The culture and tradition of the people of Bhutan is what makes the country unique. The scenic landscape as well as the abundance of mystic monasteries make Bhutan an ideal destination for a family vacation or even a honeymoon.

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