Things You Dont Know About Bhutan Tours and Travels

Things You Dont Know About Bhutan Tours and Travels


If there is any country on Earth that qualifies as Eden, then we believe it is Bhutan. There are few secrets left and Bhutan is one of them. It is so stunning that, when you enter the country, you wont feel like leaving it again. The mountains, monasteries, and rivers are in abundance and few major attractions are must-see in Bhutan.

If you still desire, then make it one of your travel goals and fulfill your dream of Bhutan trip!

Before you go�

Finally got a chance to plan your Bhutan trip? But wait! There are few surprises in store for you. Bhutan tours and travels will help you out know about Bhutan with some unknown facts.

Bhutan-The Land of the Thunder Dragon:

You might not know but Bhutan gets regular ferocious storms. These calamities come down from the Himalayas often create damages in the nation. Hence is given the name of Land of Thunder Dragon.

Home to the highest unclimbed mountain:

The highest point in Bhutan is Gangkhar Puensum which translates to the White Peak. This is also an unclaimed mountain since climbing more than 6,000 meters is banned.

Focused on preserving their heritage:

The Government of Bhutan is mainly focused on preserving its heritage. On the other hand, tourists traveling to Bhutan need to have a tour guide during their Bhutan exploration.

Chilies as vegetables for Bhutanese:

You might already know that Bhutanese love spicy dishes but not they eat chilies as vegetables. Moreover, that can be better seen at the houses where chilies are kept under the sun.

The only country with no traffic lights:

The capital of Bhutan, Thimphu does not have traffic lights. Instead, there are traffic officers who look after the traffic. The locals believe that this gesture offers a feeling of community.

Journey to the kingdom of Bhutan begins

Are facts enough to know Bhutan? No! Places are also there on the list with Bhutan tours and travels to explore all the hidden treasures of Bhutan.


Home to Bhutans only international airport, Paro valley is covered with rice fields, small village houses, and mighty mountains. A visit to this valley and getting a picture dressed in traditional Bhutanese dress are incredible!



With Bhutan tours and travels, book at least a day for the Thimphu tour, you would surely love it! The capital city of Bhutan and its attractive wonders will compel you to stay in this city.


Having served as the capital city of Bhutan, Punakha is an important part of Bhutan tourism. The tranquil forts, the mighty rivers, and the traditional hot-stone baths, Punakha is a must-visit destination.



Popularly known as the religious heartland of Bhutan, Bumthang is the most tranquil place in Bhutan. With its ancient glaciers and fields of buckwheat and dairy farms, this district will mesmerize you.

Unboxing the various monasteries, temples, Dzongs and other places, Bhutan tours and travels will surely make your Bhutan trip an intoxicating one!

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