Fun things to do in Punakha you should not miss out on

Fun things to do in Punakha you should not miss out on


Punakha is the former capital of Bhutan of Bhutan. It is a fertile and enthralling valley that lies at the confluence of the Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu rivers. The Punakha Dzong is the main attraction here but there are other attractions and things to do here that will definitely entertain you. Punakha has something to offer to every kind of traveler be it a backpacker or an adventure junkie. The beauty and the majestic view derived from this place have attracted many tourists from all around the world. There are many fun and exciting things to do here that will make pump up your adrenaline and get you going. Here are some fun and interesting things you could try out while your stay in Punakha.

1. Get an adrenaline rush at the Suspension Bridge Punakha

The suspension bridge in Punakha is known to be one of the longest bridges in Bhutan. It is one of the best things to do in Punakha. The bridge connects Punakha dzong with Punakha city. The Bridge was mainly built for the Lamas in the early days so that they could cross the river and visit the nearby villages. The bridge has become more of a tourist place now. Crossing the bridge is where the fun lies as the bridge is wooden and quite scary to cross and you will definitely experience an adrenaline rush while crossing this bridge. Bridge length: 160-180m Main attraction: the mesmerizing view of the valley Best season to visit: Spring

2.Visit the fertility temple-Chimi Lhakhang

If you are in Punakha then you should definitely not miss visiting this place. There is a belief that couples who visit here are blessed with a child, therefore, this place is mostly visited by couples who have problems conceiving. There are some couples who even stay overnight in the monastery. It is the best place for Punakha sightseeing. Main attractions: the scripture of Lama Drukpa Kuensel Best season to visit: spring and autumn.

3. Marvel at the architectural beauty of the Punakha Dzong

It is a specialty of the Punakha valley. The Dzong is famous for its architectural beauty. The luminous glow of the whitewashed walls on a bright sunny day is what makes the Dzong majestic. The Dzong has a historical and traditional significance as it preserves the remains of Zabdrung Nawang Namgyal. Visiting the Dzong is probably one of the best things to do in Punakha Main attractions: the beautiful architecture and mesmerizing view of the valley. Best season to visit: Spring and autumn

4.Trek through the valley of Punakha

If you are an adventure junkie you will love this place as there are beautiful trekking trails in the Punakha Vallet that will make you fall in love with the place. Trekking activities are probably one of the best things to do in Punakha. The lush green hills, the mesmerizing landscape, and the dense forests will make every backpacker fall in love with the valley. Duration of Trek: 4-5 days Main attractions: mesmerizing views and the Phajoding Monastery. Best season for trekking: Winters.

5.Enjoy the vibrant and colorful festival of Punakha Tshechu

It is one of the most famous and important festivals in Punakha. The unfurling of the Thondrol of Guru Rimpoche is the most interesting part of the festival. Attending the festival is probably the best things to do in Punakha. Apart from the unfurling of the Thondrol, there are traditional folk dances and masked dances held that adds to the beauty of the festival. Main attractions: Unfurling of the Thondrol Festival date: starts in the month of May.

6.Rejuvenate your body and mind at the healing hot springs of Koma Tsachu

It is one of the best things to do in Punakha Bhutan, as the hot springs are said to have healing and medicinal properties. You can simply feel your muscles relax here as this place is far from the madding crowd. You will definitely feel healthier and happier here. Main attractions: trekking, camping facilities Best season to visit: Summer season.

7. Market place in Punakha

The valley of Punakha is known for its weekend markets as you get a wide variety of local vegetables and fruits. You will get a glimpse of the local life and the food habits of the people. The farmers wear their traditional dress and the women wear their traditional dress Khira. The main items include potatoes, rice, betel nuts, and cheese.


The Punakha valley offers a wide range of activities for every kind of traveler varying from an adventure junkie to a backpacker. It offers mesmerizing views of the beautiful landscape. The festivals held here reflect the Bhutanese tradition and culture. If you are in Bhutan you should definitely not miss visiting here. Do let us know about your traveling experiences if you have visited here before.

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