Thimphu Nightlife - 10 Places for an Electrifying Night

Thimphu Nightlife - 10 Places for an Electrifying Night


The capital of beautiful Country �Bhutan� is Thimphu.This place maintains its beauty by the combination of both traditional and modern aspects. Though the Raidak or Chuu River makes this city very beautiful, the main attraction is nightlife of Thimphu, which enhances its beauty. The day life can be enjoyed by enjoying sightseeing in stunning landscapes and mountains, but the bars, nightclubs, colorful shops, foods, and the pubs turns this city just like a bridal queen. So, nightlife of Thimphu should be enjoyed when travelers opt for a tour on Bhutan. The nightlife of Thimphu can be considered one of the best nightlife in Bhutan.

Best places of Thimphu Colorful Nightlife:

1. Mojo Park: This Park is unique in its live music program:

It is the main attraction of Thimphu and can easily be spotted as it is ideally located in the main town on Chang Lam Road. It can be considered as the heart of Thimphu. Mojo is the best place for music lovers. Booking should be done for the live performances.


Location- Chang Lam Road Open time: 7 pm (Wednesday to Monday) Close time: At late night (Tuesday whole day closed) Entry fee- Not Applicable Activities: Monday- Night Blue jam Wednesday- Acoustic Acts Thursday- Solo Acts Friday & Saturday- Weekend Band Act Sunday- Original Performance Local Special Whiskey- k5 and Druk Lager Specialty- Live Performance Contact No: - +97517110975 Tips:Mojo Park has its own official Facebook page from which tourists can get the information of live performance.

2. Space 34: It is the best choice party lovers at night:

This place is the full package of dine, drink, dance and live performance. This place has been fascinating the tourists since last ten years.


Location- Centre of the Thimphu Open time: 11 pm (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) Close time: 12 pm (Wednesday) 1p m (Friday and Saturday) Pub and Karaoke remains open on other days from 3 p.m. Entry fee- Nu350 (Usually), Nu500 (Special Occasions) Entry fee is free for ladies on Wednesday Activities: Live music bar, Dance Floor, and Smoking Ice Bar Specialty- Partying Contact No: - +97517554945 Note: Travelers should bear money to pay the entry fee.

3. Vivacity: This one is the second most popular nightclub after Space 34:

The specialty about this place is its big open area, which is renovated with vibrant and glamorous lights. Spending time with friends or closest one can be ideal in the beautiful Longue.


Location- above the City Bus and Taxi parking. Open time: 8:30 pm (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) Close time: 1:00 am Entry fee- Nu350 (Usually), Nu500 (Special Occasions) Entry fee is free for ladies on Wednesday Activities: All type of music, dance, and food Specialty- Party Spot Contact No: - +97517602013 Tips:Here DJ is well-known for Tapping Music.

4. Club Ace: Mirror dance floor specifies its uniqueness:

This is the place mainly for youngsters who do not even hesitate to show their magical moves and craziness on the dance floor. Though this place is not so much crowded by people, the ones who come to this place are fully energized and not at all shy.


Location- Phendey Lam of Thimphu Open time: 9 pm (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) Close time: Midnight (Wednesday) 2 pm (Friday and Saturday) Entry fee- Nu 250 Activities: Dancing in mirror danced Floor Specialty- Comfortable surroundings and Vibes Contact No: - +97517703647 Note: Though there is no dress code, closed shoes is preferable.

5. Om Bar: It is the perfect place for relaxation after a hectic day:

Om Bar is right choice to meet up with old friends as well as making new friends. This bar is the simplest bar among all bars. Businessmen and their clients are normally chilling out and often discussing their business at this place. The bar is well designed by wooden parts.


Location- Jojo�s Shopping Complex, Thimphu Open time: 6 pm (Wednesday to Monday) Close time: Late night Entry fee- Not Applicable Activities: Chilling with drinks, dancing Specialty- Absolute place to cool off Contact No:- +97517603617 Note: Actual nightlife can be enjoyed in this place after 9 pm

6. Benez Bar: This bar is mainly marked for Ministers and high profile persons:

This bar completely gets rid off the whole week�s tiredness. This bar is most preferable place for local people for its ideal ambiance.


Location- Choten Lam, Thimphu Open time: 12 pm (Monday to Sunday) Close time: 10 pm (Monday to Friday) and 11 pm (Saturday to Sunday) Entry fee- Not Applicable Activities: Night Party Specialty- Appearance of Ministers and diplomats Contact No:- +97517604223 Special food- Momos and samosas Note: Avoid scuffle with the local youngster boys.

7. Lugar Cinema Hall: Apart from all nightclubs, this one is most unique for movie lovers:

It is oldest and best theater in the city. Travelers who expect for clubbing and night party and preferring to enjoy movies can go for this Cinema Hall. Bollywood movies, as well as Bhutanese movies are telecasted in this theater. It contains 890 comfortable seats.


Location- Behind Chopstick, Central Thimphu Open time- Weekdays: (Evening Show): 6: 30 pm,( Night Show): 8:30 pm Weekends: (Afternoon Show): 2: 30 pm, (Evening Show): 6:30 pm, (Night Show): 8:30 p.m. Entry fee- Ground floor: Nu 100, Balcony: Nu 150 Specialty- Old and new Bollywood and Bhutanese movies Contact No: - +97517112999 Note: Sometimes Hollywood movies are also telecasted in the theatre.

8. Zest Bar and Longue: It is another popular bar for its ideal ambiance:

This is one of the best peaceful and comfortable places for the visitors. This bar is popular for exotic alcohols and the surrounding are so fascinating.


Location- Jaffa building, Thimphu Open time- 11 a.m. (Monday to Sunday) Close time: 10:30 pm (Monday to Thursday) and 11:45 pm (Friday to Sunday) Entry fee- Not Applicable Activities: Relaxing and hang out Specialty- Exotic beer especially for ladies Contact No: - +975 2 336 666 Note: Tourists can celebrate their birthday parties and other feats in this bar.


Thimphu is one of most beautiful places in Bhutan. The peaceful environment and marvelous beauty make this capital more glamorous. Being the complete package of day life and most beautiful nightlife, it can be considered that before planning for another country for a tour, tourists should first go For Bhutan for making their trip memorable and amazing.

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