The Highest Unclimbed Peak in the World - Gangkhar Puensum

The Highest Unclimbed Peak in the World - Gangkhar Puensum


Mountaineers are born to face the challenges and looking for new opportunities to reach the top. The highest peaks in the world including Mount Everest attract adventure enthusiasts to take the challenge to get engaged in greatest trails. But even after reaching the highest peak on earth, there are many unclimbed mountain peaks in the world and Gangkhar Puensum in Bhutan is one of them. The highest mountain in Bhutan is remained unclimbed by giving challenges to mountaineers across the globe. Find the best travel agency in Bhutan to collect more information about this mountain peak.

The home of secret spirits

At the height of 7,570 m above the sea level, this mountain is considered as the 40th highest mountain peak in the world. Some scholars say this mountain is located on the border of Bhutan and Tibet but some mountaineer clarifies that the exact boundary of this mountain is still disputed. Many mountaineers tried their best to climb the mountain but somehow fails to make it possible. In the year 1922, this mountain was mapped for the first time through several other types of research and surveys are done to collect more information about the mountain. 

The royal government of Bhutan open doors towards mountaineering in the year 1983 and from the time mountaineers are making attempts for climbing the unclimbed peak. The local people believe that some of the secret spirits are there in the mountain that comes as a barrier for people while planning for mountaineering or trekking on this route. The government of Bhutan respects the human sentiments and spiritual beliefs which forces them to put a complete ban on mountaineering in the year 2004.

But again in the year 1999, an adventurous team from Japan took special permission from the Chinese Mountaineering Association and complete the expedition from another direction but fails to reach the top. The group shares their experiences and catches much attention from mountaineers across the globe. Experts and scholars still think that climbing Gangkhar Puensum is not impossible if the government of Bhutan gives permission. The travel agency in Bhutan helps you to witness this peak which is remain unclimbed till today.

Prepare yourself for the experience and visit the last Shangri La where everything is available for leading a healthy and blissful life. A travel agency in Bhutan is ready to help you in witnessing the unclimbed mountain along with the culture of Bhutan.

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