Places To Visit & Things To Do In Thimphu

Places To Visit & Things To Do In Thimphu


Thimphu the capital city of Bhutan, the land of Dragons can be your perfect vacation choice. The mystical city has richer and unique manifestations of Buddhist culture. Located in the western part of Bhutan, Thimphu possesses a valley.

You can witness notable historical traditions as the city is the administrative center of the King and has numerous monasteries, museums, and Buddhist sites. Here are our top recommendations for Thimphu sightseeing and things to do there.

Trekking At Tango Goemba

Tango Goemba is a famous Buddhist site in Thimphu originally built by Lama Drukpa Kunley in the 15th century. Presently, the site is known as the center of Buddhist studies. To reach Tango Goemba, you have to trek for at least forty minutes. You can enter the place any time of the day and be amazed to witness the meditation cave, chapels, Tango living quarters, etc.

Visit The National Animal At Motithang Takin Preserve

The National animal of Bhutan, Takin can be best observed from the preserve. A few years back the preserve was a zoo, dismantled by the fourth king and turned into a preserve. Animals here roam freely and are freed to go back to the wild. The preserve closes at 5 pm, so till then you can visit the place.

Concerts At Clock Tower Square

To observe and be part of the Bhutanese culture becomes a reality when you visit the Clock tower at the heart of the city. The specialty of the clock tower square is that four clicks are located at the four sides of the rectangular columns and the walls are decorated with hand-carved dragons and floral designs. In the city, most open-air concerts are held in this place. So, you can get indulged here.

Pray At National Memorial Chorten

If you are looking for some spiritual places to visit, then pray and meditate at the National Memorial Chorten. The Memorial was built by King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk and features a daily worship place for the natives. The Memorial has whitewashed walls along with artistic golden-tiered roofs. You can visit anytime as there are no such timings, and pray at the memorial Chorten.

 Weekend Market For The Shopaholics

At the bank of the river Wang Chu, the weekend markets are held on the weekends. Sellers from Thimphu and nearby places bargain with the customers for local Bhutanese commodities. If you are a visitor, then pick unique Bhutanese incense, saffron, and herbs from this market.

There's a long list for Thimphu sightseeing at an affordable cost. It depends on the itinerary, the season you visit, and the operator you choose, who will guide you on a tour to cover all popular places in Thimphu.

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