5 Facts of a trip from Paro Airport to Thimphu by Taxi and its fare

5 Facts of a trip from Paro Airport to Thimphu by Taxi and its fare


Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. For years, Bhutan has stayed unknown to the world.

However, in the recent times people have started valuing Bhutan for its rich cultural heritage and mystic beauty.

When people from outside travel to Bhutan, they have many questions in mind to be answered. It is not possible to cover Bhutan in one Blog. Therefore, here we shall discuss about your trip from Paro airport to Thimphu.

5 Facts that will help you in this trip:

1.You can hire car in Paro through different options. You can go for a travel agent , online booking, go for direct hire outside the airport.

2. The taxi fares from Paro airport to Thimphu is approx 1000 rupees. The price is not too high rather in your budget. Always be sure about the kms you are travelling and price you are paying.

  • It takes around an hour while you travel from Paro airport to Thimphu if you do not stop on road. The distance covered is 50 kms.
  • The best restaurants on the way of Paro and Thimphu:
  • My kind of Place
  • Sinchula Resturant
  • You can visit “The National Museum of Bhutan” on your way from Paro Airport to Thimphu.

As your flight lands in Paro airport, you experience the cool and sweet breeze of Bhutan.

Coming out of the airport, you will have to hire a taxi to go to Different places in Bhutan.

You will gain a theoretical knowledge about the trip on taxi from Paro to Thimphu after you have read this article.

However, for complete knowledge, you need to visit Bhutan. Come to Paro and indulge into the natural beauty it has to offer.

One more thing you must remember is that different taxi drivers ask different fare from their riders. Now you know the minimum fare so no one can fool you.

 While you avail our services, you will not face any problem for your stay or taxi fare. Contact us before you come to Bhutan.

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