Pangri Zampa Monastery - Some interesting facts about the oldest monastery

Pangri Zampa Monastery - Some interesting facts about the oldest monastery

Bhutan is the land of mystical charm and exotic beauty. It has many amazing things for which you can travel to Bhutan and make your dream come true. It is the most unique country in the world. It is a place where progress is measured as “Gross National Happiness”. The mesmerizing beauty of Bhutan attracts many tourists day by day. So do visit Bhutan to experience its ethnicity and tradition before it gets completely modernized.

Pangri Zampa Monastery

Situated in the North of Thimphu, Pangri Zampa Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries of Bhutan. The founder of the monastery named it as Druk Phodrang which means the “castle of Dragon”. Later on, this monastery was given many names like Pangri Lhakhang, Pangri Zamdong and recently as Pangri Zampa Monastery. Have you ever thought of exploring this monastery in real? If yes, then the Kamakhya Tour and Travels will offer you the best services to get an unforgettable experience.

How to reach Pangri Zampa Monastery

From your nearest airport, you have to reach Paro International Airport. You can hire a cab till Pangri Zampa Monastery which will drop you within 1 hour 33 minutes with a distance of 56 kilometres. All these travel facilities will be offered by Kamakhya Tour and Travels at a very reasonable rate.

Some of the highlighted points about Pangri Zampa Monastery

1. Timings and Entry charges

There are no exact timings to visit the temple but it is advised to visit the monastery during the daytime as it gets closed by evening. There is no entry fee for the monastery.

2. Temples at Pangri Zampa Monastery

The monastery has two famous temples.
  • Pangri Zampa Lhakhang-
The main temple of Pangri Zampa is a four storey building. During the time of Dual governance the ground floor was a store but now it has become classroom for monks for studying astrology. The second and third floors are special chapels of the Buddhist deities, Yeshi Gonpo and Palden Lhamo. The fourth floor is a sanctum which has statues of Drukpa Kagyu Lamas.
  • Zhabdrung Lhakhang-
There is another temple next to the main temple named as Zhabdrung Lhakhang. This temple was the residence after Zhabdrung came to Bhutan. This temple also has four storeys. The top floor is said to be the meditation room of Zhabdrung. The main attraction of this temple is Zhabdrung’s statue which was said to be facing towards its entrance but now it faces to the south of Thimphu River. But now it is made a temple of offerings.

3. Adventure in Pangri Zampa Monastery

There are many things to do near the monastery but the only adventure activity is hiking at Tango and Cheri Goemba. These are the nearest destinations from Pangri Zampa Monastery. Driving for about forty minutes till Dodena you will reach the hike within three hours.

4. Other attractions of Pangri Zampa Monastery

  • There is a giant cypress tree in the front of the main temple which is said to be the oldest and probably the largest tree in Bhutan.
  • If you walk for few minutes away from Pangri Zampa Monastery you will get to see Drolma Zhingkham Monastery. It was built by the Royal Grandmother dedicated to twenty-one images of Goddess Tara.
  • In a distance of 2 kilometres away from Drolma Monastery there is Dechenphug Lhakhang. It was the residence of Ap Genyen- the protective deity of Bhutan.
  • Do visit Kabesa Village to experience rural life.
  • You can also visit Kabesa Choki Traditional Art School. You will get to see students learning embroidery, tailoring and sculpturing. They also practice drawing, canvas paintings and weaving.
After the display of the crafts it becomes so wonderful that it will compel you to appreciate their works of Buddhist art and culture.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity of visiting Pangri Zampa Monastery

Bhutan is blessed with many monasteries and temples but among them Pangri Zampa Monastery is the oldest and the famous one for its beautiful architectures and paintings inside the temples. To get amused by this beautiful monastery Bhutan tour operator will help you in guiding you during your journey from Bhutan to Pangri Zampa Monastery.
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