Millionaire Overnight? 5 Places you must go

Millionaire Overnight? 5 Places you must go


"The Biggest Adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your Dreams"

Just Imagine!

"You wake up and find your bank balance being credited with Money that is more than enough to see the whole world"

What will you do?

Wait! Dont be boring and say, "O! Man I would love to travel, but I have so many responsibilities at the office and at home." 

As the quote says, you must live the life of your dreams at least once in the lifetime.

Look, responsibilities are a part of life. If you prioritize it 24*7, you will never be happy in life. Therefore, to be happy and responsible at the same time you need to live the life you always dreamt about.


Now, when you have enough money to be anywhere in the world Let us explore some of the Dream Destinations of the world.

  1. Bora Bora:

It is a beautiful Island. Actually calling it beautiful would be a little less. It is something more than beautiful that is why it was awarded the title of, "the best island in the world" by the U.S News and World Report.

It is an isolated island in the South Pacific, which makes for a fantastic vacation that is both peaceful and expensive.

The local resorts in Bora Bora can cost about 5000 dollars approx a night.

  • Bhutan:

Bhutan is a place you would love to visit. So serene yet outgoing and spiritual yet modern. It is a small country between India and China that was closed for the tourists until 1972. Later on, visitors were allowed to come to Bhutan and experience its extravagant beauty and charm.

Until date, visitors are allowed to enter Bhutan in a restricted amount.  Bhutans priority is Gross National Happiness. It protects its culture, heritage, biodiversity, and spirituality from the influence of the modern world.

  • Tahiti:

Among 118 Islands in French, Polynesia Tahiti is the busiest and the largest Island to visit. These Islands were formed from the volcanoes and provides bliss for the eyes.

This place is loved and known for its bungalows those are above the water surface. These bungalows are styled in such a manner so that it looks like the traditional island houses. If you are planning to spend some perfect alone time with the love of your life, do visit Tahiti. These bungalows will cost 850-dollar approx per night.

  • South Africa:

This is one of the destinations that you must cover while you have so much money in your bank. It is a wonderful fairytale place. All green and serene. Come to this place and enjoy nature at its fullest.

If you want to enjoy a luxurious stay in South Africa then you can go for Ulusaba Lodge that costs 60,000 dollars per person a night.

  • Fiji:

Fiji is the love of Hollywood. Once you visit this destination, you will understand why so. You have seen some glimpse of Fiji in some of the Hollywood films. Those glimpses are enough to get you to spellbound.

Just think if you practically visit the place, how it will affect your trip. When money is no bound, do visit Fiji for once.

 Invest money on Happiness & Solace

Dont waste your time giving lame excuses. It is your time and you must take up the tour you were planning for years. Now money wont stop you any more. You have the bank balance you always needed to travel.  We can help you accomplish your dream just give us a call.

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