6 Hidden Gems in Bhutan You Shouldn't Miss

6 Hidden Gems in Bhutan You Shouldn't Miss

Bhutan is a land filled with magic, mysticism, spiritualism and views that will make you incredibly mesmerised. It is one of the best countries to visit with your friends, and family, solo and with your partner. Bhutan gives you the taste of all, the tradition-rich country gives you the feel of excitement to be there with your family, the thrilling adventure-filled mystical kingdom will be exciting to visit with your family, and the spiritualism-enriched region will be a life-changing and spiritual awakening experience for a solo trip and the breath-taking views, scrumptious cuisines, the perfect weather and the lush greenery will ensure a romantic getaway with your partner. You just have to search for a Travel Agency in Bhutan which will make your trip hassle-free and filled with evergreen memories. This place is filled with the tales of legends that will blow your mind. 

Bhutan is known for its mesmerising landscapes, high-peak mountains, lush green valleys, grand festivals, age-old monasteries, the rule of monarchy and the Gross National Happiness. Gross National Happiness is a measure taken by the Majesty of Bhutan to ensure that the happiness and the needs of the people are given more importance. Bhutan is the only country to have developed and followed this policy. The cuisines of Bhutan also attract travellers from different parts of the world. Ema Datshi, the national dish of Bhutan, is a pride of the country. Visit Bhutan to experience pure bliss.

Hidden Treasures of Bhutan You Must Explore 

1. Tiger’s Nest, Paro: Paro is a place filled with amazing landscapes, blissful views, lots of adventure and tourism. Tiger’s Nest or Paro Taktsang is a monastery in the hills of Paro. It is the most famous monastery because of its legend where Guru Rinpoche arrived centuries ago on a tiger’s back and meditated in one of the caves of the monastery which led to the foundation of Buddhism in Bhutan. It is also very enjoyable for hiking. To reach the monastery, individuals have to hike towards the top of the hill. Paro is known for having several other adventurous spots and activities. 

2.  Travel to Thimpu: The capital of Bhutan, Thimpu offers you the warmth of Bhutan. It is an incredible blend of modernity and ancient idealism. It is one of the capitals that do not have a traffic light system. Tashichho Dzong is the highlight of the place along with several other places to visit such as the National Library which holds valuable Buddhist scriptures and documents, several monasteries and hills to find peace and resilience. Thimphu is a major capital city of Bhutan. It is the largest city in the country with countless adventures and cultural practices. The sacred Buddha Dordenma, the world’s largest Buddha statue is situated at Thimphu. 

3.  Visit Punakha: This second-oldest place in Bhutan is a must-visit. From spiritualism to adventure, Punakha has it all. Punakha is known for several tourist spots such as Punakha Dzong, Jigme Dorje National Park, Dochula Pass and many more breathtaking places. This place is also known for its suspension bridge which used to connect several villages with the kingdom in the early days. The hanging bridge is a major tourist attraction with a length of about 160-180 metres. Jigme Dorji National Park is home to several endangered species and birds.

It is also home to the national animal of Bhutan known as the Takin. Takin is also a major tourist attraction. People from all around the world visit this place to witness this mystical animal. If you visit Bhutan you need to visit wildlife sanctuaries to watch Takin and all the other endangered species. Bhutan is also a major spot for bird watchers. Bhutan has always been a country that has preserved its culture, known for its worship of the phallus. This is a place that you must visit. 

4.  Go Bird watching at Phobjika Valley: Bhutan is an ultimate paradise for bird watchers.  Phobjika Valley has a lot to offer in that aspect. This valley is known for its lush greenery, blissful views and exquisite bird sightings. Black-necked crane is a resident of this beautiful valley. With several trekking trails, it gives adventure seekers the thrill that they require to make their journey more exciting and memorable; Gangtey Monastery is known for its alluring views and is a famous and important tourist destination. This region is rich in ecology and spiritualism. Nature lovers will find solace in this place. The scenic views, the rural lifestyle and the simplicity of this place will blow your mind completely. You can even go camping and picnic with your loved ones at this mesmerising valley. 

5.  Bumthang Valley: The valley known for its peace and spiritualism has an incredible view and is often known as the Switzerland of Bhutan. This place is a must-visit for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Its pristine beauty is all that you need for a memorable vacation. This place is surrounded by numerous monasteries and temples and people from different parts of the world visit this place and offer their prayers and deep devotion.  Jambay Lhakhang and Kurje Lhakhang are the most famous religious spots in Bumthang. Bumthang Valley is known to be the most historic place in Bhutan. 

6.  Haa Valley: The site that has only been recently giving its insights to visitors from afar has been a hidden gem of Bhutan for centuries. It is best known for its traditions and cultures. It is known for its famous Haa festival where people wear traditional dresses and indulge in mask dances and several other traditional activities. Lhakhang Karpo and Lhakhang Nagpo, the temples from the 7th century which are famous for their architecture are in this place. You can witness views of Mount Jomolhari and Jichu Drakey while visiting this valley. During the 8th century, Buddhism was established in this valley. Book your trip with the best travel agency in Bhutan and witness the famous festivals of Bhutan. Enjoy the Tshechu festivals, watch the unique mask dance and experience the beauty of Bhutan through closer lenses.  Tshechu is a festival one should witness. There are several Tshechu festivals scheduled for different places at different times.

Apart from the places mentioned above, there are several other offbeat places that you can visit such as Trongsa, Phuentsholing, Trashigangb and many others which will let you know the cultures and traditions of Bhutan from a closer and broader lens. Bhutan is vibrant and stunning. Adventure seekers can go from several types of trekking such as - Chele La Trek, Gangtey Trek, Snowman Trek, Paro Trek and many more.

Let’s talk about the adventures you can do in the magical Bhutan. When you visit Bhutan and you are an astounding adventure seeker, then you must visit Punakha and do paragliding. It rushes your adrenaline and makes your trip a very memorable one. Another adventure you can opt for is the white water rafting. The breathtaking, heart-stopping adventure that you can do is the white water rafting on the river Mo Chu. You can do several other adventurous things such as Kayaking in Punakha, mountain biking, rock climbing, camping, archery, fishing and many more to satisfy your adventurous soul. 

Discover amazing offbeat places of Bhutan such as Jangtsa Dumtseg Lhakhang which is located in the Paro Valley. It is a rare chorten-like Buddhist temple in West Bhutan. This temple has huge collections of many Buddhist paintings and unique iconography. Another place to visit is the Kila Nunnery which is the oldest nunnery built in the 9th century as a meditation centre, known for its architecture and serene ambience. You can visit these amazing places, just book your trip from the Travel Agency in Bhutan and have a comfortable, stress-free journey. The magical thunder dragon region is calling you. Visit Soon!

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