5 Reasons Tourists Love Sikkim

5 Reasons Tourists Love Sikkim


Located far from the northeast region of India’s smallest state Sikkim is a bucket of panoramic natural beauty and vibrant culture. Embedded with history, culture, and scenic beauty the state is the entrance of the north-eastern part of the country.

If you are a nature lover Sikkim’s lake, river, waterfall, and mountainous ranges attract you the most. Before making your trip choose a perfect Sikkim tour package from Siliguri, as Siliguri is the convenient way to reach Sikkim. Not only scenic beauty but also mouth-watering food cuisine, culture of commoners, and historical significance make your Sikkim tour memorable.

Below are the five important reasons tourists love to explore Sikkim:

Beautiful View Of Tsomogo Lake

Glaciers, the beauty of nature, and religious peace are interrelated with Sikkim and Sikkimese culture. Tsomgo Lake is the name where you can get three awesome features at the same time. Alpine forest and rhodendron flowers garlanded the lake. Melted waters of the Himalayan range and glaciers enhanced the lake during summer.

During winter the lake is frozen and Buddhist monks’ reflections create a magical view here. Visit here during Guru Purnima, and give your prayer to the lake with the grace of the lake your wish will be fulfilled.

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Eminent Buddhist Culture

Buddhism is one of the prime religions in the state and lots of Buddhist monasteries are presented here. Rumtek Monastery is the heart of Buddhism and is situated here. It is the perfect example of Tibetan serenity. Surely, the tranquil environment changes your mood.

The architectural marvel of the golden stupa is a center of attraction. The monasteries are decorated with ornate paintings, and Buddhist culture merged with it creates the perfect Tibetan culture here.

Historical Significance

The historical place Silk Route is located on the 4310 meters height of sea level in Sikkim. Nathula Pas holds international trade and the border of India and China. As a part of intgrity, development, and international relationship Nathula Pas carries the historical significance even now. So, you should visit the place once you step foot in Sikkim.

Although Nathula Pass is not permissible for all. Only Indian citizens who have prior permission visit the place. Flowery junipers, orchids, and rhododendrons are spreading through the past honoring the historic means yet now. Nathula Pass is also the home of some wild animals such as snow leopard, Tibetan wolf, golden eagle, and Tibetan gazelle.

Reach ‘End Of The Road’

The land of everlasting snow is Zero Point, which is located at Indo China border. Wrapped with shining snow the road is the ending point but must seeing place. Zero points do not belong to any travel book but visiting the place is worth it for you.

Yaks and nomadic shepherds accompanied you during your travel to the zero point. Azela flowers spread everywhere and enhance the charm of the place. Zero Point welcomes the guests during summer vacation and winter is not allowed for anybody.

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Food Cuisine

Food is an important part of traveling and Sikkim offers you a warm variety. Although you are accustomed to momos and thukpa in any restaurant in your hometown you can feel the delicious tastes of the dishes here, as Sikkim is the birth place of them.

You may experience some local choices such as Saelroti with bamboo soup, Tama, etc. here. Soupy avatar with dried fish is the signature dish of Sikkim. The place offers lots of things including natural beauty which is the way to feel afresh during the holiday.

To make your next destination perfect, make a plan today with your tour agency and set a budgetable Sikkim tour package from Siliguri. Enjoy your holiday with the lakes, mountains, monastery, and even the end of the civilization Zero Point.

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