Five Best Places to Hike in Thimphu

Five Best Places to Hike in Thimphu


Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan. It is one among the scenic and most beautiful places in Bhutan. Hills and mountains on all sides providing the city an ambiance to cherish.

For those who love to hike and always search for a new destination to hike on, Thimphu is a piece to explore. The mountains and hills in this area connect the humans with Mother Nature. There are so many places in Thimphu that suits the necessity of hiking and trekking.

You can easily resort to these places for weekends and short holidays.

Therefore, we have listed here a few places in Thimphu where you can easily hike on. Remember the best time to hike on Thimphu is autumn and spring.

  • Sangaygang-Wangditse Hike-

The hike starts from- Sangaygang Viewpoint.

Experience on the road- There are pine trees on both sides of the road. Huge prayer flags are visible on every corner of the road.  Half an hour after the walk starts, you get to see Thimphu Dzong, Ludrong Memorial Garden, and Golf Course.

About the hike: This hike is a day hike and it takes about 2 hours to complete the whole trip.

  • Taba-Lungtenphu Cycling Hike-

The hike starts from- This hike starts from Taba.

Experience on the road- It is a wonderful walk that will start from the Wangchuk Resort and will go up to Lungtenphu. If this road seems long to you, then you can easily come down from the hike at Langjophakha and merge with Thimphu-Dechencholing road.  The best part is, during the month of autumn you will get to experience Bhutanese people searching for mushrooms that are edible.

About the hike:  This hike is also a days hike that takes a minimum of 3 hours to complete.

  • Motithang- Phajoding Goemba Hike-

The hike starts from- This hike begins from, Motithang Takin Preserve.

Experience on the road- It will be good for you to know that it is one of the best short hikes in Thimphu. Starting from Motithang Takin Preserve, this hike ends in Phajoding meadow. If you were missing onto some of the glamorous Thimphu sightseeing, then this short trip will satisfy your need. Here you will experience some of the mind-blowing views of Thimphu. However, if you are an ever-thirsty adventure seeker, you can surely hike up to Dungtsho Lake.

About the hike: The hike takes a minimum of 2 hours to complete.

  • Dodena-Tango-Cheri Hike-

The hike starts from- This hike will start from Dodena.

Experience on the Road- To reach Dodena, you need to drive for half an hour towards the north from Thimphu. This is the place where three important hikes of Thimphu starts. Here in this hike, you will get to enjoy the northern beauty of Thimphu. There are spiritual temples that you will experience in this hike. This makes the hike spiritual as well as happy.

About the hike:  To complete the hike, it takes about 3 hours.

  • Dodena-Drolung Goemba Hike-

The hike starts from- This hike starts from Dodena.

Experience on the Road- The road passes through oak and hemlock trees on both sides of the road. You also get to see Cheri Goemba and Tango Monastery on the opposite side of the hills. The trails you will pass through have a beautiful slanting gradient. If you are a photographer, then you will get a wonderful landscape here to photograph on.

About the hike: It takes 2 hours to complete the hike.

Your Hiking Plans would be

Now when you have gathered so much knowledge regarding hiking in Thimphu, its time you take up one yourself. Don worry the Thimphu sightseeing cost and hiking cost will be within your budget. We can guarantee a hike within budget only when you call us for accomplishing your trip.


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