Experience Tashichho Dzong while Taking a Tour around Bhutan

Experience Tashichho Dzong while Taking a Tour around Bhutan


Bhutan is a place of beauty         

Excellence to achieve                    

 A forever place to visit.

Come to Bhutan and indulge yourself in the mesmerizing and exaggerating sight of Bhutan. The tour operator in Bhutan will always help you to get the best experience.

Why is Bhutan so Charming?


Bhutan gets its charm from the authenticity it maintains. It is exceptionally traditional, purely ethnic and vigorously spiritual. These are the main reasons behind Bhutan being charming and beautiful.

There are some other reasons that add up to its charming beauty, its monumental buildings, temples, monasteries, hills, valleys, rivers, streets, food, drinks, and loving people. While talking about Bhutan you will get to know about so many things. One of the important buildings of Bhutan is Tashichho Dzong. The question is why is it so important? To know the answer, continue reading

Tashichho Dzong:


This is one of the most important landmarks in Thimphu town. The huge building stands high at just 2kms away from the main town of Thimphu. It is actually the fortress, which has the Throne room of the king. It is also called the secretariat building and it is the main secretariat building in Bhutan. 

The summer resident of the monks body is here and the winter resident is in Punakha Dzong. Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal built this fortress in the year 1641. Then this fortress was again built in 1965 by the 3rd king of Bhutan.

Now you know why this building is so important. Whenever you visit Bhutan do come and tour around this beautiful building.

Other than Tashichho Dzong there are some other wonderful places to visit in Bhutan.

Lets find out:

  1. Rinpung Dzong: A wonderful Dzong in Bhutan built in the 16th century.
  2. Chele La Pass: It is located at 3989 meters above sea level.
  3. Buddha Dordenma Statue: A 169 feet tall statue is visible from almost all places in Thimphu.
  4. Tigers Nest Monastery: It is a wonderful monastery in Bhutan with a historical past. Etc.

Ok! Now lets see around Bhutan and know more about its an extraordinary beauty.

Bhutans Beauty:

  • Bhutan prioritizes its happiness over its economic development.
  • It loves its forest and says no to pollution and carbon dioxide.
  • Every year tourists are allowed to enter Bhutan at a limited rate.
  • It is a young democracy in the world.
  • There is a very nominal western influence here.

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Before Concluding

Bhutan is simple and beautiful. You must visit Bhutan with your family. The Bhutan tour operators always keep a Budget Friendly Bhutan family tour package so that you can enjoy Bhutans beauty with your family in a relaxing mood.

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