Enjoy A Beautiful Trip To Sikkim

Enjoy A Beautiful Trip To Sikkim


Sikkim the most picturesque state is a fabulous witness of nature. This second smallest state is inserted away in the lap of the Himalayas and is full of multicolored beauty and alluring glamour which wonder you completely. The gateway of the northeastern gallery of India has welcomed you with its mesmerizing beauty and has a lot of places to visit here.

Mount Kanchenzangha has made its residence in this small Himalayan region state. You cannot avoid the enchanting call of this small hill state, so the Sikkim tour package from Siliguri should be known right now. Sikkim tourist spots are divided into four parts viz. north, south, east, and west.

If you have planned to know about Sikkim tour package, here are some most charismatic spots in Sikkim that you must visit:

Tsomgo Lake

The highest altitude lake in India Tsomgo lake is one of the main charisma of Sikkim. Made of glacier water the lake looks like an egg and a full snow-covered mountain create a memorable reflection that you can relish.

Tsomgo lake or in the other name of Changu lake is 8km away from Gangtok and it is the main way to visit Nathula pass. Traverse Changu lake in winter, autumn and summer seasons to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature.

Nathula Pass

Situated at 14,140 feet in height Nathla Pass is one of the alluring places for trekking wizards. Sherathang market is popular for travelersand is also located at this high altitude, as here Tibetan goods are available at a cheaper price. Kupup is a dreamy land that attracts you with its cloudy beauty.

If you are interested in trekking, the entire environment must be a remarkable experience for you. May to October is the best time to visit here, and during this time the Nathula Pass is allowed for travelers only from Wednesday to Saturday. It is located 56km east of Gangtok.

Kanchenjungha Base Camp

Kanchenjungha base camp is Sikkim’s one of most important tourist spots and the heaven for trekking enthusiasts. Situated at a range of 14000ft in height Kanchenjungha base camp creates a panoramic view of the togetherness of Himalaya and queen Kanchejungha.

Kanchenjungha base camp is located in the Dzongri district in Sikkim, 61km away from Gangtok. The best time of this worthwhile journey is from April to June and mid-week of September to October.

Gurudongmar Lake

The Himalayan lakeGurudongmar is attract you with its majestic beauty. Fringed in by a snow-covered mountainous zone with a beautiful lake is mainly frozen during winter and in summer the sun and water create a wonderful reflection.

This is one of the alluring visiting spots in Sikkim although you need a permit to visit here. It is located in the northern part of Sikkim and is 17,800 ft. altitude.

As Siliguri is one of the connectivity zones of Gangtok and Sikkim for having railway and air service, you must know the Sikkim tour package from Siliguri first.

From Siliguri, you can visit the wonderful and one of the cleanliness states by road. Don’t think about much, it is the right time to book your Kanchenjangha or other any trek and trounce the challenging trail.

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