Eco-Friendly Resorts Make the Best Places for a Family Holiday in Bhutan

Eco-Friendly Resorts Make the Best Places for a Family Holiday in Bhutan


Vacations can either stimulate or relax. If you are looking for the latter one, there is no place better than Bhutan.

Get Indulged In The Beauty Of Bhutan!!

Breathtaking snowy mountains, carbon-free air, litter-free road routes, and untouched nature trails �Bhutan has everything good in stock. The charming country takes Gross National Happiness seriously and has a terrific choice of accommodations that embrace you in their tranquility. Resorts in Bhutan include luxury with the best budget choices don�t skimp on comfort and service. Get in touch with tour operators for a budget-friendly Bhutan Family package and make your trip memorable for the lifetime.

Eco-friendly Resorts Are Friends of Environment!!

Eco-friendly resorts offer innovative retreats which are committed to conservation, cultural sensitivity, isolation, and style. Mostly, these types of resorts are constructed from recycled building materials such as solar water systems and sewage treatment plants.

Most Comfortable Eco-Friendly Resorts in Bhutan!!

Have a look at the best eco-friendly resorts in Bhutan where you will have the most pleasant stay-

1. Terma Linca Resort & Spa

Terma Linca Resort & Spa holds a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. It harbors spacious living quarters that look out on to the gorgeous majestic mountains in the distance. More interestingly, you can also join cooking classes and enjoy cultural programs here.


Address- Phuentsholing - Thimphu Hwy, Bhutan Phone No- +975 2 351 490 Specialty- Spacious rooms and fun activities Tariff- INR 30,000

2. Metta Resort and Spa

This resort is a relatively new establishment but it guarantees the best hospitality along with comfort amidst the greenery. A colorful and charming interior create a warm welcome to its guests. As evening falls, the courtyard of this resort turns into a romantic setting for candlelit dinners.


Address- Langong, Paro, Bhutan Phone No- +975 8 272 855 Specialty- It heartwarming hospitality Tariff- INR 4,100

3. Yangkhil Resort

It is another mesmerizing eco-friendly resort in Bhutan which offers a mind-boggling view of surroundings. Trongsa Dzong, Taa Dzong, and soaring mountains will take your breath away each time you gaze out. Cozy rooms, a bar, good food, and Wi-Fi are some of the facilities they offer.


Address- Trongsa, Bhutan Phone No- +975 3 521 417 Specialty- One of the largest in Trongsa Tariff- INR 4,100

4. Dhensa Boutique Resort

Like any other resorts in Bhutan, Dhensa Boutique Resort is best at its simplicity. The location of this resort in verdant Punakha Valley makes it ideal for trekking activity. One of the best places to head from this resort is to Sangchhen Dorji Lhakhang Nunnery that houses the splendid bronze statues.


Address- Wolakha Punakha 117, Bhutan Phone No- 09971079627 Specialty- Offer great trekking options Tariff- INR 16,500

5. Kichu Resort

Located in the mid-valley with farmsteads and temples, Kichu Resort will compel you to get out and explore the beautiful landscape. Pamper yourself at the spa and dine at the multi-cuisine restaurant in Kichu Resort.


Address- Lango, Paro, Bhutan Phone No- +975 8 271646 Specialty- Situated on the way to the Tiger Monastery and is the ideal place to stay. Tariff- INR 5,400 Want to get something unique experience? Then you should choose one of the above-mentioned resorts for a delightful stay in Bhutan.

Popular FAQ-

Q. What is the best time to visit Bhutan? A. The best time to visit Bhutan with family is from March to May and October to February. Q. What are the nearest railheads of Bhutan? A. The nearest railheads of Bhutan are Hasimara Railway Junction and New Jalpaiguri Railway Station.

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