The travel experience of the daily life in Bhutan

The travel experience of the daily life in Bhutan

Bhutan is a landlocked country between Tibetan India and China. It is the world’s largest remaining Buddhist kingdom. Though it is a small country, its natural beauty, as well as its culture attracts numerous tourists each and every day. Thimpu is its capital and its financial centre is Phuentsholing. A visit here will bring you to the land of ancient monasteries, fortresses and ancient temples with prayer flags fluttering high. Due to its pristine environment and harmonious society, the country is definitely called the “Land of Shangri-La”. The daily life of Bhutan Bhutan is a land of happiness, where people can live peacefully. So, before travelling to Bhutan, some information you have to keep in mind the daily life of Bhutan. Here, we have entailed the detail information about the Bhutan daily life-

1. Religion of Bhutan:

The official religion of Bhutan is Buddhism. To know about the religion and traditions of the country brings you a step ahead to the religious part of the country. Mostly Hindus can be seen in the Southern part of Bhutan. There are many rituals and holy places where festivals are celebrated reincarnating the life of Buddha

2.Cuisines of Bhutan:

Chillies are a truly valuable vegetable for the people of Bhutan. The most popular food of Bhutan is Ema Datshi which is a spicy mix of chilly and cheese and it is the staple food of almost every people of Bhutan. Bhutanese cuisine is influenced by Chinese, Tibetan, and Indian. The dishes cooked by the Bhutanese people are mostly with chilly or cheese.

3. Festivals of Bhutan- the ultimate experience of Bhutan:

Bhutan is filled with rich cultures and traditions. Not only does the country have beautiful monasteries, temples and national museums, it also has some stunning festivals that celebrate the local cultural traditions.The most popular festival of Bhutan is “Tshechu”. This festival is celebrated in according to the Tibetan Lunar Calendar. This ethnic festival is celebrated in two places i.e. both in Paro and Thimphu. People from all over Bhutan come to these places to celebrate festivals in order to spread unity among the citizens.

4. Live on the Farm:

Witnessing the work of the Bhutanese farmers and staying with them on a farm is a special experience. You will get the opportunity to take the traditional stone bath, assist them in preparing food and spending a night under the rafter of the farmhouses is a wonderful experience.

5. Life in Bhutan:

Bhutan is measured in ‘Gross National Happiness’ rather than measuring GDP. There are no newspapers on Sundays as people of Bhutan do not read newspapers on Sunday. As the country has no traffic lights, the local people are not in a hurry to drive on roads.

6.Local Markets:

The markets of Bhutan are filled with the ethnic and traditional kind of stuffs that every traveller would love to take back home. The beautiful and colourful markets would be another place to know Bhutan more conveniently. The markets in Paro, Thimpu, and Bumthang will give you the chance in picking up whatever you feel like to take with you from hand-woven fabrics, carved masks to handmade and finely-crafted metal objects.

7.Village life in Bhutan:

Bhutan village life is another part of Bhutan where it is a new and a different experience to know about the food, culture, families, children, monks, and nuns of the village. There are many places, valleys, parks and different villages to visit in Bhutan. Experiencing their way of village life gives you an opportunity to know about the real life of the village in Bhutan.

8. Experience of a traveller in Bhutan:

Travelling in Bhutan gives you the experience of knowing Bhutan better. By staying there and witnessing their lifestyle, foods, local markets, culture, customs, traditions, and the village life will give you the best travel experience in Bhutan. If you want to experience the Bhutan daily life more precisely, you must book one of the best tour operators in Bhutan that organizes your trip in a tailored way. Kamakhya Bhutan is the most reliable tour operator in Bhutan that provides budget-friendly packages and will help you to know more about Bhutan.
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