COVID-19 Outbreak: Stay Home and Make a Travel Bucket List

COVID-19 Outbreak: Stay Home and Make a Travel Bucket List


Bhutan is the best place for every kind of vacation. However, exploring Bhutan with family adds to the beauty of travelling. For your next trip, look into the Bhutan family tour. Until then, let us plan. The whole nation has almost survived the first few days of the lockdown. The current situation demands a united movement of thoughts, mindset and understanding that staying home and isolated is the best way to overcome the highly contagious novel coronavirus (COVID-19). However, is this isolation getting too much? This is the best time to discover our hobbies or our desires and plan towards its execution. For all those who love travelling, we understand your urge for exploration. There is something you could while you are in isolation. This piece of blog is the right thing for you if you are a travel bug and cannot understand how to resist your need to travel.

Our responsibility as citizens

The most important notice and the only thing that matters now is that we co-operate with the government for our own goodwill and this world. There is a reason that the whole nation is locked down despite the struggling economic impact. Health comes first and this is the phase where we can fight for a healthy nation just by following few guidelines.

  • Stay inside your homes until it is very urgent to come out
  • Wear a mask even if you are out for a while
  • Avoiding touching your mouth, nose and eyes especially if you went out or touched a surface
  • Keep distance from an infected individual
  • If you are coming from outside, sanitize thoroughly with 60-95% alcohol

Here is how you can you spend your quarantine period

Is the idea of not being able to travel for sometime bugging you? There are a lot of things you can do to suppress this.

Understand the true meaning of travel

Travelling does not always mean going to exotic new places. Travel is meant to give you peace, fill your soul with thrill and helps you in gaining new experiences. You can still achieve a few of these things while at home. The whole idea of Bhutan family tour is to bring joy in the togetherness of your loved one. In this lockdown, spend all the time with family and add joy.

Meanwhile, you can plan the checklist

In addition to the quality time, you now have a great time to plan your travel calendar very effectively. Research, jot down and make a creative travel plan for the upcoming times. Do not forget to add the Bhutan family tour to the list. After all this, your family deserves a getaway to places of serenity and peace.

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