Choosing the best tour operator in Bhutan and reviews

Choosing the best tour operator in Bhutan and reviews


Everyone wants to know why is Bhutan gathering a lot of tourist traffic in recent days. Bhutan holiday review and many Bhutan tourism review can be referred to have a brief idea about visiting Bhutan and what are you missing if havent visited Bhutan yet. You must also see for yourself if the country really stresses on per capita happiness rather than the countrys GDP as once declared by the Prime Minister of the country on an International platform. As soon as you land in Paro airport, you are welcomed by cheerful happy faces of the Bhutanese people. [caption id="attachment_791" align="alignnone" width="569"] The gesture cannot be declared fake and their reaction is just a reflection of their inner self as the country is declared the happiest country in the world. On a global platform, Bhutanese Prime minister once declared that Gross Domestic Happiness is very important than the countrys GDP. Bhutan is really unique with great trekking in Bhutan reviews the non-existence of Traffic lights as well as famous outlets like McDonalds. [caption id="attachment_787" align="alignnone" width="700"][/caption] A country is as developed as its people are and so the citizens of Bhutan have been successfully helping towards their countrys growth which makes it unique and special.

Please read reviews to have a clear idea before traveling

Bhutan tour plan and review on popular tourism websites reveal the immense secrets the kingdom of Bhutan really has to offer. Bhutan tour operator reviews can also be read to have a brief understanding of how to choose the best package list from popular Bhutan tour operators. Bhutan has gained its popularity through its pristine beauty which can be read by typing Bhutan travel reviews, Bhutan reviews and some in travel Bhutan reviews. Bhutan tourism review is expressed in many of the leading websites who specialize in Travel and Trekking beautiful places on Earth. Bhutan trip reviews have very good reviews which prove the originality of the reviews. A little research and review reading can really make your journey to a new place a lot better and time utilizing. Read before you Tweet, declaring the place you will be visiting next. We mean it.

Bhutan � A secret every travelerwants to uncover!!

Bhutan sightseeing tour through Bhutan tour operators has gained a huge international crowd due to its unique approach to development. India has always been a tourist attraction due to its eminent structures and cultures but Bhutan attractions and sightseeing are equally popular among tourist nowadays. Sightseeing of Bhutan is an add-on trip, visitors to India have started to include. [caption id="attachment_792" align="alignnone" width="1224"] image courtesy:[/caption] The country has been a great example of maintaining natural resources for the future approach. Before you plan your Bhutan trip I hope you have these special packages under your attractive package plan. These are sightseeing in Thimphu Bhutan, sightseeing in Paro Bhutan, Punakha Bhutan sightseeing which are the best deals under the sightseeing in Bhutan, which has been trending.

Why do we need to choose a tour operator Bhutan?

Within the kingdom, a tour operator Bhutan arranges motor vehicles for hire which is the only means of transportation within the country due to an absence of railways. If you choose a travel agency make sure it is done after going through popular Bhutan travel agency reviews on travel websites found easily on the internet. If you have planned a trip to Bhutan through Bhutan tour operators in monsoon and winter months, you must call them to inquire about any changes in the itinerary which can be caused due to bad weather. The road is excellent and the highway consists of two-lane roads which are a relief. The mountainous terrain and winding roads restrict the average speed of a vehicle to 40 km/hour.

Bhutan Tour Operators and their popular must-visit list

There are hundreds of tour operators in Bhutan to choose from. You can distinguish and choose from different tour operators which are suitable for you. What you can do is here are a list of places you must visit under the categorized list of districts in Bhutan: Paro

  • Visiting the famous Tiger�s Nest or Taktshang Goemba
  • Farm Houses to have a glimpse of farmers lifestyle
  • Kyichu temple built during the 7th century
  • Rinpung Dzong built in 1645
  • Cheap Bhutanese handicrafts stores

Thimphu Valley

  • Bhutan postal museum
  • National textile museum
  • School of the traditional painting of Arts and Crafts
  • Folk Heritage Museum


  • Punakha Dzong along the banks of river Po Chhu and Mo Chhu
  • Punakha suspension bridge which is the longest in Bhutan
  • Chimi Lhakhang the fertility monastery visited to be blessed with fertility.
  • Wangdue Phodrang which is perched on the ridge and gives an overview of both north-south and east-west roads.

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