Can You Carry Alcohol for Your Bhutan Trip?

Can You Carry Alcohol for Your Bhutan Trip?


Are you planning an exciting Bhutan trip?

Do you find Bhutan as the perfect place for having fun?

Then lets make it happen.

Bhutan is the center of attraction for many travelers across the globe because the country shares some of the unique and extraordinary stories and philosophy. Normally, the Kingdom of Thunder Dragon is popular for religious values and peaceful culture that strictly imposed violence and conflicts. Visiting this county is undoubtedly a great learning experience. The country shares its borders with India and China and maintains a friendly relation with the neighboring countries.

Often people find this place ideal for an adventurous tour, honeymoon trip, and spiritual excursion. Apart from exploring the country and gathering more information about the history and culture, few people asked about the custom rule set by the country for the consumption of alcohol. Beverages like alcohol add fun to ones life and the make the celebration more logical though you need to know where to stop. Here, in this blog, we will clear all your doubts and confusion about carrying alcohol to Bhutan.

Is It, Really Possible?

Yes, you can carry alcohol in your Bhutan trip there is no issue about it, as the land of happy people gives you the freedom of enjoying a beer even in the public places. But before packing your luggage with bottles of alcohol you must know about the limitations in carrying alcohol otherwise it will be trouble for you. Tobacco is strictly prohibited in Bhutan but there is no such rule imposed for alcohol consumption.

You will find people enjoying their beer and peg of whiskey by sitting in the restaurant. If you are brand specific and prefer to carry your bottle then you can do it but not in a bulk. Even though tobacco items are banned in Bhutan, one can carry cigarettes with them but after paying 100% customs tax.

Things You Must Know

  • All the foreigners are allowed to carry a maximum of 1 liter alcoholic spirit with them.
  • 1 bottle not larger than 1 liter.
  • Some religious pilgrimages and monasteries have restriction in carrying alcohol inside the premises.
  • A person can carry 200 pieces of cigarettes which are subjected to 100 percent custom and sales tax (nominally 1,600 Nu or 1,608.44 INR)
  • Using tobacco items in public places is a punishable offense.
  • Smoking is permitted in the non-public areas of hotels and restaurants where there is a smoking floor or smoking rooms.
  • A person must take permission from the patron even in the non-public areas before smoking.

There is Always a Better Option

The Royal Government of Bhutan focuses on tourism and provides excellent facilities to the tourists to make their stay memorable and comfortable one. There is no need to carry alcohol in Bhutan because you will find most of the popular Indian and International alcohol brands in Bhutan. Most of the brands are available at a reasonable rate so why should you increase the weight of your beg by carrying alcohol?

Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan and is also the largest city of the nation that gives you so many options to chill out and hang out with friends. Red wine, Peach wine, Grain whiskey, Single malt, Blended Scotch whiskey, Premium whiskey, and limited editions make the difference in your choice. Feel the flavor of Bhutan by tasting their alcoholic spirits and make your Bhutan trip memorable.

Hopefully, you get the answer to your question about carrying alcohol to Bhutan. You must be happy by entering the land of happy people instead of meeting any challenges. People of Bhutan are very friendly and cooperative in making you feel comfortable and relaxed. So, if you are planning to enjoy your vacation at Bhutan, then you must stick with your plan and pack-up your beg to discover something special about the Kingdom of Thunder Dragon.

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