Enjoy Heavenly Bhutan Tour package from Jaigaon - Itinerary 7 days

Enjoy Heavenly Bhutan Tour package from Jaigaon - Itinerary 7 days

Bhutan, “the land of Thunder-Dragon”, and arguably the most beautiful country in Asia, is mostly famous for its visiting spots. Unlike other countries, Bhutan is a very peaceful country, where people don’t even use horns while driving. Its surroundings are so pleasing and nature-friendly that they are going to make you feel like “Heaven”. Here we present you Heavenly Bhutan Tour Package from Jaigaon for a tour of 7 days. Jaigaon is a town located near the border of Bhutan, and it is one of the crucial entry points to the country. If you are planning a vacation of 7 days to Bhutan you must come to Jaigaon, from where you will be able to move towards southwestern Bhutan. Day-1: Samtse is a small town located near West Bengal at the very edge of Bhutan towards its Southwest side. Samtse has always attracted visitors mainly for its different cultures and traditions. A place with least population and tourists would definitely provide you the happiest moments in the arms of Mother Nature. The Shivalaya temple here is the first ever Hindu temple in the country where Buddhism prevails. Its materials and statues were brought from Rajasthan, India. Day-2: Daina Suspension Bridge in Samtse is also a must visit spot as it offers a fantastic view mixed up of rivers and greeneries. The bridge is even longer than 160 meters. Its main aspect is that you cannot capture the whole bridge in a single frame of picture. The cracking sound of the wooden sheets would surely pump your heart up while driving. Photographic enthusiasts come to shoot this bridge during sunrise and sunset. Samtse Khorlo Chorten deserves to be visited during your trip to Bhutan in every bit of it. Its vast spread compound is very pleasing to hang out with your friends and family. Comparatively, it is cooler than other open compound places as it is surrounded by lots of shade-giving mango trees. Tendu community temple can also be visited in Bhutan which provides views of Indian River banks, waterfalls, and villages. Gomtu is one of the few industrial towns of Bhutan. Right from the main town, if you travel a few kilometers, you will be able to see a private monastery. There you can get a view of industries like Penden Cement Authorities. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach Gomtu from Samtse. You can book Bhutan Tour Package from Kamakhya Bhutan Travel Agenc,in Jaigaon for a smooth trip.

Exciting things to do in Bhutan Samtse

  • Birds watching experience: The lucid warm and sultry weather here makes bird watching a pleasant view throughout the year.
  • Open swimming in river: If you find the weather of Samtse a bit of warm, you can get refreshment by engaging in an open swim.
  • Experience Indian Cultures: You will be able to enjoy the Indian culture in Samtse as it is very close to Indian towns like Birpara and Chumurchi.
  • Fishing in streams and rivers: There are lots of streams, rivers, and ponds in Samtse which provide you an excellent fishing experience.

Season to visit Samtse

As Samtse is geographically in the subtropical zone some may find itsweltering in summer and it is quite dry in winter, so our recommendation to visit Samtse would be during autumn season (September-October). Kamakhya Bhutan can get your trip done to the beautiful country. Day-3: Nganglam, the ever-growing town has not been known for several years as it is small town in south west Bhutan with a population of not over than 2000 people. Dungsam Cement Coporation limited gave it popularity. The only way to reach Nganglam is by road through 1.5 hours drive. The best thing that makes it worth visiting is its bird watching option, as the place has a warm tropical climate which makes bird watching possible throughout the year. Day-4: Samdrup is probably the oldest town of Bhutan, consisting of both new youngsters along with the old traditions. It connects eastern and southern regions and also shares the border with Assam of India. Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag is the administrative district, which is built on a flat and open area. Bhutan has always been considered to be a silent country but Samdrup Jongkhar Dzong comparatively is much silent than other districts of Bhutan. Dewathang is famous for its historical importance. Jigme Namgyal, father of Ugyen Wangchuck fought the final battle against the British in the year 1884. It was Dewathang where the contract named Treaty of Sinchula was signed with British in 1865. Day-5:Mithun Breeding Farm, Located in East Orong, is the breeding center for hundreds of mithuns or finest breed of Bison. Staying here would provide you the information or the process of breeding this species uniquely. Lord Hanuman, one of the most powerful gods of India has a temple here, where Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated together both by Bhutanese and Indian people. Here in Samdrup all sort of Bhutanese, Indian and continental dishes are just finger licking tasty. The nearby bazaar would offer all these food at a very reasonable price. It may be troubling for you to set everything for your trip. In that case, Kamakhya Bhutan can be your helping hand. Day-6 & Day-7: A journey of 11 hours will bring you to Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, which is home to approximately 100,000 people, along with the Royal family. Thimphu carries the ancient traditions as well as modernity, which makes it a must visit place for visitors. Thimphu’s popular visiting spots are as such
  • the Clock Tower Square,
  • Centenary Farmers Market,
  • National Post Office,
  • the Motithang Takin Preserve,
  • Tango and Chari Monasteries,
  • Buddha Dordenma,
  • National Memorial Chorten,
  • Semtokha Dzong etc.

Travels agencies that you will find in Jaigaon

  1. R S Travels: Trusted Bhutan Travel Agent in Jaigaon, Bhutan
  2. Kamakhya Bhutan
  3. Jaigaon Tour & Travel
  4. Bhutan Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Q .Do we need to carry woolen sweaters and warming clothes while visiting Bhutan? A. Yes, some places of Bhutan may be warm and sultry but most of the visiting spots are located high up in the hills and are very cold in weather. Q. Can I get to borrow a car to drive in Bhutan by myself? A. Yes, you can get a car right from your travel agency that is , Kamakhya Bhutan.
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