When Is The Best Time To Visit Bhutan?

When Is The Best Time To Visit Bhutan?


If you are really pondering upon the most suitable time to travel to the happiest country, then this blog might be the right piece of information for all kinds of travelers. However, Bhutan is an evergreen beauty and greets its visitors throughout the year. With Himalayas on all its sides and a constant blossom of nature blooming into its every corner, Bhutan is one of the most captivating countries for planning your holiday. With the natural essence of cultural in its excelling architecture and heart-warming hospitality, Bhutan need no specification of a best time to plan a visit. Book your trip with best travel agency in Bhutan to learn more about your favorite time of the year to spend in Bhutan.

Glimpses of the best travel season in Bhutan

Here is a virtual tour to make it easy for you to choose your best time because Bhutan has something for all its tourist at every time of the year. Travelling with the best travel agency in Bhutan brings out the best of the vibrant country. Therefore, have you decided on a tour operator yet?

The season witnessing the greatest number of tourists

The months from March to May and September to November is often the peak season as the happy land is stuffed with excited tourists throughout the country. Everything takes a beautiful turn and seems to be on your side during these months. Not only it is the holiday season for a relaxation tour but Bhutan is enthralled with endless energies of the variety of travellers from across the globe. There could not be a more pleasant and soothing weather than these months to enjoy and extract the most of Bhutanese joy in all forms.

March to May

The March- May is the spring season in Bhutan and what a perfect weather to absorb the clear, blue skies and pose along the vivid views of Himalayan glamour. The Paro Tshechu, which is one of the major festivals begins at the first week of April. Trekking through the exuberating trails is one of the best activities to do in this time.

September to November

September-November marks the soul satisfying time of the year in Bhutan along with the onset of soft winters. The calming breeze and the clarity in the atmosphere explain why this might be the time to plan your travel. There are endless things to do like attending the Thimphu Tshechu, blacked necked crane festival and many more.

The mid summers and winters have a separate charm of their own. Learn about the various things to do during these months of summer and winter from the best travel agency in Bhutan.

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