Archery and Rafting Along Mo-Chhu River

Archery and Rafting Along Mo-Chhu River


Mo Chhu is a major river in Bhutan. The river emerges in the Gasa Dzongkhag district close to the border between Bhutan and Tibet. One of the popular traditional activities of Bhutan is archery. Your Bhutan tour will incomplete if do not experience archery and rafting.

This river is known as Paro Tsang Chhu when it comes in contact with Po Chhu. The riverside is known for its excellent fauna and flora which embellish the environment. You can even try out river rafting in this river! A trip to Bhutan will remain incomplete if you do not pay a visit to this pristine river.

River Rafting in Mo-Chhu River:

Bhutan, also known as Last Shangri La, is known to be the Mecca for nature lovers. It is the country tucked between China and India.

Dotted with snow-capped mountains, and serene monasteries, Bhutan has everything in stock. The glittering rivers also serve as an ideal place for adventure activities. One among them is river rafting in the Mo-Chhu River and Archery too!

The Ideal Season for River Rafting:

March to April and November to December are the best time for enjoying river rafting in Bhutan.

Cost of River Rafting:

  • During peak Season River Rafting in Bhutan costs approx INR 3500.
  • During the off-season, the rate is approx INR 1500.

Also, delve into the traditional Archery!

The country, as beautiful as heaven itself, is known for its vivid culture, vibrant culture and richness in sports. It is true that no matter how developed a country is, it never gets complete until its citizens have an unleashed spirit for sports and one such is Archery. This sport completes Bhutan.

Uniform in Archery:

Traditional Bhutanese archers wear sneakers and knee-high socks with traditional Gho. After shooting a target, archers tie a colorful sash to their belt.

Exciting Cham Dance in the Archery:

The archery match in Bhutan is never complete without dance and celebration. To attract the opponents they perform traditional Bhutanese culture and Cham dance.

Where to experience this game:

During the events, festivals and national holidays the Bhutanese people enjoy archery games. A great chance to witness this game is Changlimithang Stadium in Thimphu. However, it can also be played beside the Mo-Chhu River in an open ground.

Would you like to experience these two adventure activities while a trip to Bhutan? Then do not wait for your chance rather organize your tour soon!

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