A family trip to Bhutan - The memories to be cherished of this Himalayan beauty

A family trip to Bhutan - The memories to be cherished of this Himalayan beauty


A trip to Bhutan is always enjoyable, especially when you travel there with your family.

Bhutan is famous as the land of the thunder dragon; ancient temples, fortresses and the boundless beauty are the main attractions to be gathered while in Bhutan. There is no dearth of fun and adventure one can have in Bhutan. The amazing land of Bhutan with all these wonders is definitely the country of happiness to discover for every traveler with the best Bhutan family package.

Best time to visit Bhutan:

Bhutan experiences a widely varied climate. The monsoon season in Bhutan starts from June to September with heavy rains and high humidity. The season of autumn is during October to November when it is really sunny with little snow covered mountains. From November to early March is dry with pre-monsoon showers. Although, the best time to visit Bhutan is during the spring months of March to May with the flowers blooming in bright colors.

How to reach?

By Air:

Paro International Airport is the sole airport to reach Bhutan by air. You can hire a car or taxi to reach Bhutan from Paro.

By Road:

The closest time taken in a car is for 4 hours from Bagdogra Airport to Phuentsholing by road. This is the land border which is open for the tourists all the year round.

By Rail:

The easiest way to reach Bhutan is to take a train from Kolkata or Siliguri to Hasimara and then hire a car till Jaigaon. From there also you can take a car and reach Phuentsholing or in Bhutan.

Places to visit in Bhutan:

After reaching Bhutan you can travel directly to Thimphu by enjoying the views of the adjacent snow-capped mountains. You will travel across the huge gateway greeting you in Thimphu. You can book your hotel at Taj Tashi Thimphu for a relaxing stay during the night.

Stay overnight at the hotel.

Early morning, you can get up to the beautiful view of the sunrise and the magnificent hills. After getting ready, get going for the surroundings of the hotel by visiting the towering prayer wheel. You can see people moving the prayer wheels as it is significant to health and prosperity. From there you can head back towards the roads of Dochula Pass. It is a famous mountain pass in the snow-covered Himalayas where 108 memorial Chortens were built and a temple in the memory of the fourth king of Bhutan. After a soul-soothing sight, you can drive towards Buddha Dordenma Statue where you will get to see the huge 51 feet tall Shakyamuni Buddha statue on the top of a hill which houses another 125, 000 small statues of Buddha hidden inside it. The beauty of the temple with paintings and sculptures are an alluring view to watch upon.

Stay overnight in the hotel.

In the early morning after breakfast leave for another famous destination in Bhutan. On the way, you can see the beautiful view of the mountains peeping out of the tall trees and enjoy the cool breeze while reaching Punakha. After drinking tea at some roadside shops you can head towards the famous Punakha Dzong. The place is filled with tranquillity and the water at the back of the Dzong is shimmering with the light rays of the sun. You can slowly walk over the bridge to get the view of the ray falling mountains and stand there to refresh your soul for an hour or two. You can spend some time talking to the monks passing by the bridge and enjoy the beauty of the temple at its best. After leaving from one Dzong you can drive to second famous Dzong at Paro which is a 3 hours drive from Punakha. It is a Buddhist monastery and a fortress which houses the monastic body and home government administrative offices of Paro Dzongkhag. There are many shrines and temples inside the Dzong and is a perfect spiritual place to visit in Bhutan. After having lunch at a restaurant, you can leave from the city of Paro to return back to Phuentsholing for your departure journey the next morning. The very next day early morning you can drive back again from Phuentsholing by the same road seeing the view of the mountains and recollecting memories of the Bhutan trip with your family and reach your hometown. It will be a memorable experience with the Bhutan family tour packages and you will not feel like leaving this mesmerizing small kingdom and desire to plan a second trip surely.    
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