7 wildlife reserves in Bhutan- Every adventure seeker would love to visit

7 wildlife reserves in Bhutan- Every adventure seeker would love to visit


If you are an animal lover and want to meet and enjoy them with your own eyes then Bhutan is the ultimate place for you! What differentiates a traveller from any other human being is the excitement to explore a new place, new species, new people and new delicacies every day. It is true that nobody can deny the fact that visiting wildlife sanctuaries or parks are an exciting experience. So this is where you will find some of the exotic wildlife sanctuaries in Bhutan itself, which are known for the rare flora and fauna of the region. The list is exciting, let’s take a look!

1.Jigme Dorji National Park:

This is known to be the largest national park in Bhutan. The park is so vast that it can cover 5 districts of Bhutan. It is the environment of numerous wildlife species living together for you to experience and witness every sort of species. Area covered: 4329 square kilometers Best time to visit: February to May August to November Must see: Snow Leopard, Tigers, Red Panda, Musk Deer, Goral, etc Safari cost: INR 150

2. Thrumshingla National Park:

This national park lies between Bumthang and Mongar. It also protects the temperate forests of fir and chir pine. The scenic beauty, dense vibrant forests and alpine meadows add an extra charm to it. Also, seeing the rare species is an attractive feature of this reserve! Area covered: 768 square kilometers Best time to visit: April to June October to November Must see: Himalayan black bear, Snow Leopard, Red Panda, Royal Bengal tiger, Langur, etc

3. Royal Manas National Park:

Being one of the oldest protected areas in the country it is also known as Bhutan’s Crown Jewel! It was upgraded to the status of a national park making it one of the best Bhutan tourist attractions. You can spot numerous wildlife species and some rare ones too if you are lucky enough. Area covered: 1023 square kilometers Best time to visit: August to November April to May Must see: Royal Bengal Tiger, Clouded Leopard, Pangolin, Asian Elephant, Himalayan Black Bear, etc

4.Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park:

Being the second largest national park in Bhutan it is also known as the Bhutan National Park! It is relatively isolated with fewer houses and people in the areas. It houses one of the oldest tribes of Bhutan. It was initially named ‘Black Mountain Park’ as it is situated in the Black Mountain. Area covered: 1723 square kilometers Best time to visit: November to March Must see: Clouded Leopard, Gaur, Golden Langur, Chinese Pangolin, Himalayan Black Bear, etc

5. Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary:

Located in the Trashigang District and is popularly known for housing the easternmost ecosystems and landscapes of Bhutan. It is one of the famous national parks in Bhutan for both tourists and locals. The various species and one of the unique features like Yeti are believed to be present here! Area covered: 650 square kilometers Best time to visit: March to August Must see: Snow Leopards, Red Fox, Barking Deer, Himalayan Red Fox, Red Panda, etc

6. Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary:

Of all the wildlife sanctuaries of Bhutan, Bumdeling Sanctuary is the most popular one. It is a quiet sanctuary which shares the border with Tibet in China. As it houses many endangered species with many security checks for you to face before visiting it! Area covered:1538 square kilometers Best time to visit: March to October Must see: Snow Leopard, Red Panda, Tiger, Wild Canine, Fox, etc

7. Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary:

This sanctuary has become a popular attraction for tourists which were once established to preserve the natural sal forests. It is located in the southern part of Bhutan which shares its border with Assam. Also, it is home to numerous wildlife species for you to see! Area covered: 278 kilometers Best time to visit: March to June September to November Must see: Golden Langurs, Gaur, Asian Elephants, Chital Deer, etc

Life needs some adventure!!

When you feel trapped in a life of monotonous life you surely need some adventure in it. So, these wildlife reserves with the best travel agency in Jaigaon will surely do that and will make it memorable for you to cherish forever. “You must go on every adventure to find out where you belong to.”

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