7 Reasons to drop everything and Go River Rafting in Punakha

7 Reasons to drop everything and Go River Rafting in Punakha


‘Life is all about facing the adventure all time’ Wanting to add some extra dose of fun to your regular routine? Why are you not thinking of river rafting? It gives you the just roller coaster like feeling in the gushing water. Feeling Wow? Yes, it gives you more than you feel now.

‘Punakha as a River-Rafting Hub’

Bhutan boasts couples of rivers which are calm and ideal for river rafting. Among them, Pho Chu (Male River) & Mo Chu (Female River) in Punakha district are giving the perfect opportunity to experience river rafting in Bhutan.

  • Pho Chu- Extended up to 16 km with 15 rapids of class 3.
  • Mo Chu- Extended up to 10 km with 10 rapids of class 2.

You can easily see that the male river (Pho Chu) is more violent in comparison to a female river (Mo Chu). However, both rivers are equally excellent for river rafting.

Why River Rafting is A Scary Experience?

Rafting is the most enthralling experience when you see gushing water along with variable rafts. If you have been to Punakha we sure you hear about River Rafting. We provide you with some interesting reasons to do river rafting in Punakha- 1. River Rafting is just like a free gyming technique. Sounds funny? It is true. There is no other activity better than rafting to have a perfect body workout. 2. Everyone is busy in their life. Right? And of course, it’s hard enough to find quality time to spend with your loved ones. But that is not really an issue when you’re all packed onto a raft hocking rubber. 3. Moreover, River rafting will give you the opportunity to get the charismatic view of surroundings. 4. Along with exploring the beautiful glimpse of surroundings, you can also witness the charm of exotic wildlife. 5. Not always a crazy drink can increase your adrenaline dose; a bump every thirty seconds in the raft will give you the ten times more adrenaline rush. Feeling scary? You should not be, as it gives a unique experience. 6. Are you suffering from huge stress level? We must say, try river rafting to release your stress level. 7. After the craziness of a fulfilling raft ride, we bet you will be in seventh heaven. No sweat and still you glow! Facial, the natural way! Popular FAQs Q. What is the ideal time to do Rafting? A. The ideal time to do river rafting in Punakha is from September to mid-November. Q. What is the cost of River Rafting? A. The approximate cost of river rafting in Punakha is INR 2000- INR 2500.

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