5 Things To Consider When Planning A Trip to Bhutan

5 Things To Consider When Planning A Trip to Bhutan


Bhutan, a kingdom in the Himalayas, is a haven of happiness! Located on the edge of India and China, this country is abundant in energy for its regular eminent normal magnificence and supernatural alpine garden, and its musical atmosphere combined with tradition and culture, which prevented climbers from reaching the high altitude.

Contact a tour operator in Bhutan right away if you decide to go to this picturesque country for your next trip. With the assistance of your tour operator, enjoy your vacation safely while taking in the breathtaking beauty and range of the Himalayas. Before you enter the Himalayan Kingdom, keep these important points in mind, and your trip should be simple:

Road Safety

The trail track in the mountainous chain is wild. When driving on the trail, exercise caution. Travelers are not sufficiently protected by the dimly lit roads and blind corners. When driving, always buckle your seatbelt.

Make use of a local driver who is familiar with the area. Don't leave any valuables in your car if you're driving and park them in a parking lot or village.

Internet Connection

Bhutan has two network connections, which include: TashiCell and the B-Mobile Sim. While entering Bhutan, purchase one of them. When inserting the sim into your mobile device, remember to unlock it.

In addition to free wifi, you will have access to 2G, 3G, and 4G. When you travel to Bhutan, you'll have the amazing experience of witnessing the country's break from its traditional ties to the outside world.

Dzong Dress Code

An old fortress with a courtyard, temples, towers, and offices for administration is known as a dzong. While Kira is the traditional dress, you should visit the dzong in a dress that covers your hands and legs. Shorts, shirt skirts, jeans, miniskirts, hats, and jackets tied around the shoulders and waist are not allowed.

Transaction System

In Bhutan, ATM service is in short supply. There are only three banks where you can exchange currencies: the Bank of Bhutan, the Bhutan National Bank, and the Druk Punjab National Bank. It is preferable to take cash out of Thimphu and Paro due to the high exchange rate.

However, travelers can use master debit cards, visa cards, and other forms of payment in Bhutan. The currency of Bhutan is the Ngultrum (Nu), but foreign currencies are exchanged for Nu.

Bhutanese Spicy Food

If you are a momo lover then Bhutan should be your first choice. Here, you can enjoy flour wrappers chicken, vegetables, mayonnaise, and cheese snacks. Bhutan’s national dish ema datsi is prepared with rice, spicy chill, and tasty cheese sauce. Try Kewa Datsi, another popular dish in Bhutan made of potatoes, chillis, and cheese. However, don’t forget to pay attention to your digestive system.

Bhutan always offers tourists a romantic entrance with breathtaking views. Getting connected with your best tour operator in Bhutan means you are fully open to enjoying your trip. In addition, you can also enjoy the breathtaking sightseeing places in Bhutan. The above-mentioned tips will help you get started on your way to the happiest kingdom.

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