5 Points Why Travelling is Important for Education

5 Points Why Travelling is Important for Education


"The Best Education that I have ever received was through travel."- Lisa Ling

Life is a journey and you cant read a book in a closed room and understand it. You need to practically move out of your cocoon to taste the delicious flavors of life.

School, College, and University educates you to understand the basis of life. If you want to go deep and get the essence of education, you will have to travel.

 Below there are 5 points that will clarify why traveling is important for education:

1. Experience some extraordinary natural beauty:

India has variant types of natural beauty scattered in its different regions. India is a beautiful country. Beautifully sculpted and superbly designed. When you travel throughout India, you get educated while gaining vast knowledge about nature’s beauty.

2. Know about different cultures:

Out of your locality, when you reach a new destination may be in your own country, the new culture and tradition of the place overwhelm you. Their culture, cuisine, religion, and tradition educate you. You experience everything practically no more a bookish knowledge.

3. The history of the place reveals:

Every place has its history. When you reach that place practically, you gain interest in its history because now you are no more reading a boring history book rather practically living it.

Therefore, practically history is not boring at all.

4. Practical Knowledge on life:

Classroom cant give you practical life experience. It can only teach you some basics. To gain knowledge about practical life you need to move out and travel.

Practical life will educate you on the toughest subject, "Life".

5. Know yourself better:

We human beings do not know our capabilities until we work on it. We might think we are weak and feeble but when thrown into the storms of life we see a "New me".

Traveling is not an easy phenomenon and while we take up this tough task we get to discover them, "Hidden us".

Therefore, traveling educates us about ourselves.

Now you know how much traveling is important for education. So, whenever you get a chance to travel just go.

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