5 Places to enjoy Exciting Folk Music in Bhutan

5 Places to enjoy Exciting Folk Music in Bhutan


‘There is a magic made by melody; A spell of rest, quiet breath, and cool, Heart, that sinks through fading colors deep’

Music is an integral part of Bhutans culture. If you keep your ears, you can listen to the divine music in Bhutans atmosphere.

This small country has jewels hidden in it. May it be placed, food, culture, history or music! There is always a surprise in every sphere of Bhutans life.

Today we will talk about Bhutanese music. The instruments those are used in both traditional and modern music of Bhutan are:

  • Lingm
  • Chiwang
  • Dramnyen

The instruments used in the Bhutanese folk music are generally stringed but those for religious music are not so.

The religious music is mostly about chanting the mantra in lyrical terms. They are generally not disclosed to the common people. However, Folk music is what we are excited about.

The Bhutanese Culture is greatly influenced by Buddhist Music and Drukpa Buddhism.

Most of the creators of Bhutanese Folk Music are unknown but for some, the credit goes to the Lamas and the monks.

The 5 Places in Bhutan where you can enjoy Bhutanese Folk Music:

1. Thimphu- Zhungdra-folk music

Developed in the 17th century, this is one of the two main folk music associated with Bhutanese culture.

This folk music is popular in the valleys of Thimphu, Paro, and Punakha. This is a traditional style folk music.

Extended vocal tones arranged in the complex pattern signifying a simple melody of the instruments.

These songs tell about Buddhist allegories.

2. Paro- Boedra-Folk Music

This is the second main form of Bhutanese folk music. This music is an influence of Tibetan folk music.

In this music the instruments that are used are Chiwang. This instrument is a symbolization of a horse.

3. Punakha- Zheyand Zhem-folk music

These folk songs are performed during the tsechus festival. Both the Zhungdra and Boedra influence it.

They Zhey is performed by the men and the Zhem is performed by women. These songs include dance and performed in important festivals and the royal wedding.

This folk song is a happy song to be performed at weddings as well as Bhutanese festival.

4. Gasa- Tsangmo-folk music

This is actually a literary couplet. It is sung in two parts, the first half consists of a scenario and the second half consist of an emotion such as hate, love, abuse or ridicule etc.

It is a kind of song fight. One of the groups sings apart and the other group sings another half. Saying a story or discussing a matter through song.

5. Jakar- Lozey-folk music

Lozey means ornaments of speech. This song refers to two of the distinct vocal traditions.

The first part will consist of a small exchange line. The other part consists of ballads that differ from region to region. It consists of the traditional flavor.

Therefore, these are 5 places in Bhutan where you can enjoy fantastic folk music.

In Bhutan, you should not worry about your budget because a tour to Bhutan will not cost you much.

Nevertheless, if you really love music then you must visit Bhutan at least once in a lifetime.

Explore Bhutan and its culturally rich folk music !!

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