5 Astonishing Places To Visit in Gangtok

5 Astonishing Places To Visit in Gangtok


Gangtok achieved priority as the Buddhist pilgrimage site in the 1980s. Now it is one of the most famous visiting spots in North-Eastern India praised for its amazing natural beauty and serene religious culture.

Siliguri is the maintenance connector if you plan to visit Gangtok by train or air service. To exile a new place generally, travelers are misguided many times with fare charts.

Before planning your summer vacation in Gangtok, you need to know about Siliguri to Gangtok car rental services first. Thus only, you can step out of this wonderful landscape of Gangtok within your budget.

During your holiday, you are entitled to explore five astonishing places in Gangtok which include:

Tsomgo Lake

Situated 12,000ft above sea level Tsomgo Lake or Changu Lake is famous for its natural color-changing water land. Surrounded by the frozen atmosphere the lake water is produced from melting ice and the lake bed area is garlanded by flowers during summer.

Baba Mandir and Nathula Pas are situated on both sides of the lake. Awaited at the remote place of Himalayan foothills Tsmgo lake don’t permit you for any activity.

Nathula Pass

Nathula Pass is Gangtok’s one of the famous tourist spots which is 50 km away from Gangtok city. Located at an altitude of 4310 meters, Nathula Pass can steal your breath easily.

This place is strictly maintained by Indian Army and it is one of the best viewpoints of India China border. If you want to visit this place, all you need is permission from the Government. Camera and cell phones are allowed to carry here.

Hanuman Tok

Situated at an altitude of 7200 feet Hanuman Tok is famous for its divinity and serene place. The Kanchenjunga range and the beauty of the sanctuary will offer you a breathtaking view.

You can immerse yourself in the trail way, lush green plantation, picturesque valley, mountainous hills, and curled stairs that reach you to this religious viewpoint.

Ban Jhakri Falls

Ban Jhakri Falls is a great spot in Gangtok to take in some memorable sightseeing and picnicking.Banjhakri Falls is a 100-foot waterfall in a park near Ranka Monastery that is popular for day picnics with locals and tourists alike.

Here, nature rules supreme, and everything is still except for the forceful gushing of the water as it falls hard on the rocks. Visit the man-made lake in the park, which has an impressive dragon statue in its center, while you're there. It's also worth going to the park's natural energy production sites.

Himalayan Zoo

Himalayan Zoological Garden the first zoo in Sikkim is decorated with fauna. You have the opportunity to see snow leopards, red pandas, and black bears here. The animals are not caged and they roamed here freely which gives you a pleasant experience.

Whether you have children on this tour book your zoo timing for 3 to 4 hours. It is ensure you that situated at the range of 1780 feet above sea level the zoo cannot disappoint you with the mesmerizing view of Mt. Kanchenjunga.

With an awe-striking beauty throughout the year, Gangtok offers you a splendid vacation ahead. If you plan to have a short trip in the summer, then Gangtok is none other than the better choice for you.

Hence, you need to know Siliguri to Gangtok car rental services now. Undoubtedly, Gangtok is an alluring family trip with fun, shopping, photography, and religious Buddhist culture.

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